Tuesday, July 27, 2010

our new home part 1

so i have filmed this little snippet of video of our new house and how it is coming along... it's a slow process of bringing a dated home into the 21st century

so watch the short clip, leave your comments and lovely thoughts on the rooms i am wanting help with the design! let's get creative here, okay?!!

my random tuesday thoughts....

so you might have noticed that my blog background was all sorts of bijiggity, and just after i launched the redesign, geez!! but all is back to black, white and pink... just as the world is supposed to be!

i have been busy non-stop since last week's birth control & precious unborn babies post, but no comments...hhhmmm, just don't want to say something hateful or you didn't get a chance to read it yet? well, click here to read for the first time if you missed it

so i finally had the garage sale on saturday! praise the Lord!! i can't even begin to tell you how incredibly happy i am that it is over. i am not a garage saler, nor do i like having garage sales. we did pretty good on the money side of it, but mostly i got rid of a ton of stuff!! plus i have several bags of clothes left to go donate at the local woman & children's shelter, but most importantly my Man has his beloved garage back. you should have seen him! it was like a kid in a candy store putting all his tools and such away... so cute

my lil' Girlie came back from church camp on saturday afternoon too!! yay! i missed her and her sweet smile... she has given me a good topic to write about as well, and i'll share soon... don't miss it! (she was on the red team, so she's all painted up still! and her team won 1st place too!!)

what else?..... oh! i finally saw the movie The Blind Side this past weekend and it was wonderful!! love it, love it, love it!! my sister (in law) said that i channel the mom (played by sandra bullock) and i have to say, other that driving around in a mercedes, i'd have to agree :)

i've been putting the finishing touches on one of the 'jewelry portraits' for one of my blessed readers who won it.... it is pink and beautiful and i can't wait to ship it to her later this week.

you want to order one? fantastic!!! send me an email at and i'll have it done and shipped in 7 business days and all for 18.00 (plus shipping)

and finally you'll get to see the new house!! yep! at 9p CST you'll get part 1 of the tour... there might be a giveaway involved but i'm not going to say for sure, so swing by...

love ya'll!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

you need to know

i have avoided writing about this subject, seeing as it hits so very close to home for me, however i was prompted by some people's comments the other day to bite the bullet and put my beliefs and thoughts out there for all to read...

i pray your heart is open to the truth and you won't get mad, but regardless it doesn't make the facts any less real and true. it is important to have all the information when it comes to protecting life, especially the life of the those too little to speak out on their own behalf. so from a heart of love for those who read this, i want to tell you a bit more about why i have suffered with much sickness and pain for the last two years and how it could have been avoided, how innocent life should have been protected and why i feel it's my need to help protect other women & babes...

~~i finally stopped nursing 'K' when he was about 7 months old, my cycle finally started up again and so i began talking with my ob/gyn about birth control options. the pill or the shots aren't an option for me due to increased migraines & blood pressure, quite frankly it's not safe for me to take anything that contains artifical hormones or alters my hormones. so the only alternative my doctor said that i had other than condoms was the ParaGard IUD. he said it didn't contain hormones and worked for up to 10 years. my initial thought was great! my ob/gyn had always been very upfront, so caring, he delivered all three of my kiddos.... i trusted his judgement. i didn't research the IUD, infact when we had tried other birth control pills in the past i didn't ever spend time researching them either, that's what i had a good Christian ob/gyn for, right?
within a week of having the procedure to implant the IUD i was sick: severe abdominal pain, constant nausea, heartburn, diareaha, and within the next 7 weeks i would lose 35 pounds. i had gone back to my ob/gyn, to the ER, to my regular doctor and every single one of them said there was no way that the IUD could have made me that ill.~~
here's the safety information insert that patients should receive, but i got this from their website:
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID): Uncommonly, ParaGard and other IUDs are associated with PID. PID is an infection of the uterus, tubes, and nearby organs. PID is most likelly to occur in the first 20 days after placement..... (emphasis is mine)
when i read this info almost 13 months after all my sickness had begun(and still being very sick) i cried, long and hard... but i cried harder and with such grief when i read this in the same insert from ParaGard:
How does ParaGard work?
Ideas about how ParaGard works include preventing sperm from reaching the egg, preventing the sperm from fertilizing the egg, and preventing the egg from attaching (implanting) in the uterus. (emphasis all mine)
wah?! ideas? so we don't exactly know how it will work, it's just an idea?! it prevents the egg from attaching?! so each month i have the chance of getting pregnant but my "birth control" keeps that from happening by aborting my baby?! wah?! you have to be kidding me!! my ob/gyn didn't say that! he's a Christian, how could he offer this? why didn't i research this for myself?
so i did further research at and it spelled out the same horrific things associated with the IUDs: abdominal infections resulting in adhesions, severe pelvic pain, and the worst of all: aborting the baby.
~~my doctors 7 weeks into my sickness simply thought i had reflux, a possible hital hernia and irritable bowel. but i continued to get more & more ill, what my Man wouldn't tell me then but will say now "you looked like you were dying..." and yet we had no answers. so it was decided after a nuclear test to look at my insides (again) that my gall bladder had some flucuations so let's take that out, they said that would fix it.
gall bladder out.... 2 weeks later, sicker than before. you've read this before here and here so i won't repeat my woes, because God's grace is more than enough for me!! and while i have thought several times before i have received complete healing, that hasn't happened but it is NOT too hard or too big for my God, He sustains me each day and i know He never leaves me.
but i turned to natural medicine, organic eating and while that helped i was still suffering often. but it wasn't until i finally got in with a GI specialist to have a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy done to check for cancer that he followed up on our hunch that the IUD was the source of this sickness. and after he explained what an IUD does as far as making the uterus "inhospitable" for babies and the inflammation that it causes. six days later after the procedures (which were clear, PTL!) i had the IUD removed.... within 7 days the nausea and vomiting were gone.
and while i still have terrible pain and some additional complications due to the infection and it has resulted in severe endometriosis, another side effect that would have been nice to know, i wish i had known then what i know now~~
this whole recount of 2 1/2 years to say this: are we asking the right questions when we are at the doctor's office? or are we trusting that they are telling us all the fine print?! doctors are people, imperfect people, and we have to ask the questions and get the answers!
did you ever assume that a form of over-the-counter birth control makes it possible for an early abortion? i'm not talking about the morning after pill (which is just a high dose of regular birth control)... am i the only woman how didn't know that that's how an IUD works? why is this okay?!
yes, i am completely, 100%, from the moment of fertilization a believer it is a baby, no question! and i was heartbroken to know that i had that IUD and what if....
did you know that creating a "thinned and shriveled endometrial lining" or in layman's terms: a uterus that a fertilized egg couldn't implant into is also a function of the typical birth control pill?
well, i've done some research for you:
try any of these links and see for yourself. disagree if you want, it doesn't change the truth. now first and foremost i want to protect and cherish life, no matter 2 days since fertilized or 39 weeks into gestation, and oh my gracious i simply can't take a pill or insert a device that will abort that baby.
and the damage that i have physically sustained due to complications is obscene! the lack of answers, refusing to link it back to the IUD, well i just have an adversion to typically western medicine now; yes an antibiotic is definitely necessary from time to time, but taking a pill each day to alter my body's hormonal balance and how it was designed to function, nope!
for you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.
i praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, i know that full well. psalm 139.13-14
this is not to condemn or judge any woman who is currently on birth control, be it the pill or IUD or the shot. please hear my heart, please! i love ya! i have not been carried through this trial by the Lord to let it go to the wayside... i want you to have the true, real information to make a prayful decision for yourself.
you might look at the evidence and feel that the chances of an egg not implanting is so slight that you're comfortable with the pill or the shot or the nuva ring and such. and if after much prayer and discussion with your hubby and doctor, that's your choice then be blessed!! you might still think that an IUD sounds like a great option... i sure hope for your own physical well-being and possible baby's well-being that it's not the choice; not because i'm condemning you but rather i want wonderful blessing and favor for you!
so while we might use a more natural family planning approach and that's what works for us, it's not for everyone and it does require a little more forethought, but it's our plan for our family right now.
my prayer is you learned something you might not have known before, i hope that my struggles will touch your heart, by faith i believe your desire to protect life will be strengthened and unwaivering, that you will search for yourself and work it out with the Lord....
i'd love to hear your thoughts, good or bad
much love to you....

Monday, July 19, 2010

do you just love it?!

okay, you have to tell me what you think.... do you love it? the new layout and pictures? is it easier to navigate and read? because i am so happy with it, not perfect yet, but liking it even more than before!

i want you lovely people who stop by to enjoy this blog as much as i love writing it. i have always been a "writer" of sorts as far as journaling, short stories for my kiddos and some plays & such for church; but putting all my thoughts, opinions, questions and personal walk out for all to read has been a challenge but i love it! i love sharing my parenting victories and failures, putting up the cute pictures of my babes and giving you a window into how are family does life.

so as i grow in my walk with the Lord, mature as a wife and as i am daily perfecting my mothering skills, i want to encourage others in their faith that God is with us! we are blessed to be a blessing to others, not to try to be "an island unto ourselves" so if in some small way you leave this place uplifted, then i know i'm doing exactly what God has for me at this time... which is a wonderful privilege and honor to do life with you!

and without further delay, let me announce the two winners of the 'jewelry portrait'.....

out of the five entries, i let the geniuses as chose the winners, so don't blame me :)

and the winners are angela i. and meeyeehere!! okay girls, send me an email ( so i know where to ship your 'jewelry portrait', the colors you definitely want and just a few little extras that i'll ask about....

this was so fun!! so glad you all came to play.... if you're sad that you didn't win, don't worry! you can also contact me ( to order your own personalized 'jewelry portrait' for just $12.00 plus shipping, but this discount (originally $18.00 w/ shipping) is just for the other three gals that entered.... but please pass it on to your other friends, i'd love to create for whoever!!!

tomorrow i'll have the part 1 of the video tour through our new home!! i'd love you input on some rooms that just need that "something" extra!

be blessed!!! the best is yet to come!!

Not Me! Monday

feeling bad because you took the kids swimming instead of cleaning the house? have you only made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch like 8 days in a row?

well, don't sweat it!! Not Me! Monday was designed by MckMama as a way to air out less than perfect moments as girls & moms and live to tell about it! wanna play, too? great! just head over to MckMama's blog and link up.....

let's get started on all the things i most certainly did not do:

during a recent basketball game for mr.'P', and he was tearin' it up by the way, i was just cheering my little heart out for the boys. and as my son brought the ball down the court, picked up his dribble at the 3 point line and hurriedly took the shot while being pushed off balance, he did not miss the shot.... and i did not "air ball!" him from the bleachers, nope! i would never tease my son teenage son in front of so many other boys and spectators, never! and he did not give me the "look" and then smile at me as he ran down the court to get back on defense.

(and if you're thinking to yourself right now what a horrible mom i must be, then you'll have to get over it because i am very close to my oldest boy and he knows that i love him, promise... if i had actually done this...)

i made breakfast for dinner the other night (yum-o!) and i was whisking together the rue for my gravy. and as it thickened up and i went in for the taste test, i did not almost spit it back out into the pan because it tasted so bad. so i did not toss it out, only to make up another batch that i still didn't like, but the family approved... whatever

the garage is still piled high with junk, okay not junk, just stuff i don't want any longer but i'm sure that others will love, so it's garage sale time!! i was working in the garage this last week to clean off, sort and price all the bajillion items. but big 'K' kept coming outside, which would have been fine if he didn't break something in the garage sale pile every stinkin' time he came out! ahem.... so i heard the door open again:

'K': ma! i wanna apple (which was actually a nectarine, but no big!)

me: oh my goodness! is it not possible to just play with your brother & sister for just 10 minutes!

'K': apple!!!! pleez!!

me: fine! but i swear after i cut this up you better sit down and eat it instead of coming out here every 2 seconds, okay?

-as i'm walking to the door, the nectarines all fall out of the bag to the floor--

me: (exasperated) aaaggghhh!! get inside, please! (i pick up the nectarines and scoot the babe inside) come on 'K', now we have to wash these.

and i slammed the door behind me because it sticks something awful... then the screaming began... horrible screaming.... i did not accidently slam the child's fingers in the door... oh my goodness!! i did not feel like the biggest heel in the whole world and sit & cuddle my toddler for over an hour while we had an ice compress on his little fingers. i did not self-loath for hours after and vow to check for small fingers every single time that door is open.... thankfully the cute little middle finger on his left hand is just fine, not that it got smashed or anything.... bad mommy

well, i do feel a little better and hopefully you got a couple giggles at my expense :)

tonight i will announce the 2 winners of the 'jewelry portrait' giveaway plus you'll have a chance to order your own at a special price!!

many Monday blessings!

an intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. proverbs 18.15

Saturday, July 17, 2010

pretty, pretty, pretty things!!! giveaway

**so incredibly sorry that this post didn't, uumm.... well, post! so here it is! and because i feel totally guilty, i will be choosing 2 winners!!**
i am as girlie as it gets!! i love all things pink, purple, glittery and sparkly!! i have a total addition to jewelry! i admit it, i am a shopaholic when it comes to a sale on silver hoops and big, dangly babbles from which to adorn my ears, neck, wrist and fingers.
so how do i organize all of these beautiful babbles?

well, i had this old, ugly frame and an old screen lying around... then i had a creative thought....

so i made myself a 'jewelry potrait' and i just love it! and so then another creative thought came to mind: i could create and personalize 'jewelry portraits' for family and friends and anyone who might want one....

would you like a gorgeous way to show off your jewelry, coordinated with your bedroom or bathroom? great!!! i would love to reward some awesome reader with a sparkly 'jewelry portrait'...
so pass it on to your friends and simply leave me a comment telling me what colors you'd like to see in your 'jewelry portrait'...

comments will be closed by midnight cst on sunday night!! leave your comment now :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

i've got my groove back!

i am alive!! i know, i know, it has been an entire month since i last blogged, and i have so much stored up inside that i just might burst!! if you have been following me on Twitter, then you've been pretty much up-to-date with all events here, such as: packing, closing on houses, unpacking, basketball, pool, fatigue, rearranging for the millionth time, and so on.....

so yes, we sold our beautiful home on june 25th and that same afternoon signed the papers to purchase our new home. if you want a recap on our new home, i'll get there, promise!! and it has been absolute chaos since that day!! last minute issues with buyers, filling up a 24' truck two times to get everything moved and then fitting everything from a 2200 sq.ft. home into a 1500 sq.ft. home is proving to be a challenge....

however, here is our life in a few briefs photos over the last month! enjoy....

our new home is in between two parks! yes, we live smack in the middle of town now, instead of our backyard view being a cow pasture, but it honestly is even quieter outside than at the old house (aside from the ambulance sirens every now & again). but one of the super fun perks of our home is how close to the parks, the pool we are, and 'P's favorite: the locally owned donut shop!!

here's my lil' Lou-Woo Girlie playing and i swear that she gets more beautiful every single day!

big trees!! our home has 6 very large, old trees that are perfect for climbing.... this cute face was captured climbing trees while playing at the park though.... he's so stinkin' adorable and all that curly blonde hair, oh i just love it!!!

we are at the pool A LOT! ok, we weren't at the pool at all the first week we moved, and we might have gone during week 2 had it not been storming some every day!! geez, is it april showers in july?! but thankfully, it has cleared off this week and been very hot, so we have been living it up poolside....

our oldest, mr.'P', is always playing some sort of sport. he is very blessed with athletic talents, thanks be to God!! and since he is headed to jr. high this year (tear...) he had an opportunity to play on the junior high basketball team for a shootout tournament. they did amazing, playing teams from all over the area. we were incredibly proud of him and his hard work!

(he's the one in the front to the right, during warm-up drills before their 8:20am game.... which wouldn't have been so bad except this was day 3 of the tournament and last game from the night before didn't get over until 10:45pm!!)

and while we've been at the park, the pool and playing lots of basketball, there was SO much preparation for moving. have you moved recently? then you can relate to utter chaos that engulfs your existence has you pack up every scrap of your life and try to find a box to stick it in.

that last week prior to moving was hard for us: not only were we all a little teary still about leaving our home but my Man had a business trip that had been scheduled for months & months, so there was not any getting around the fact that he would be leaving that saturday morning the 19th and not return until 2 hours before closing on friday the 25th!!
so while i was doing this..... Man had meetings with this man (yes, that's Jeff Gordon!) all the places on the planet, he was here....

...oh yes!! he was at Disney World!! is my jealously seeping through your screen?! we had planned on escorting daddy down to florida, but with the move it wasn't even the tiniest bit possible. darn!

nevertheless, we survived that week without my Man around to help me with all the last minute preparations, but much thanks to my mama and my brothers & sisters-in-law... i got our new home painted that week and pretty much everything at the old homestead packed up.

but why is it no matter how well you think you've done in packing and organizing, that when everyone shows up to graciously help you in loading up the truck (twice...) that you "find" all these little things that you forgot about?! and with people calling your name from upstairs and downstairs asking "what do i do with this?" and "does this go in a car or get packed into the truck?" it feels that much more stressful..... and not to mention the crabbiest, most ungrateful buyers on the planet that decided to display there nastiest for all to see that day, too... but i'm not even going to tell you that story because then my hateful side will emerge and i'd like this post to be mostly 'cakes & pies' for you dear readers!!

so we got moved that very warm friday evening and had everything into our new home by midnight....

we had a birthday our first week here!! it was baby Big 'K's third birthday!! oh, how did he get so big? we had a toy story themed birthday, completed with a large buzz lightyear balloon floating around our home for days :)

here's sweet boy blowing out the candle on his birthday cupcake (we had his big party with family at nana's house the next day)....

and it is a tradition that began with 'P's first birthday, when they're little and don't have much of a say, we have a cheeseburger at mc-d's....

isn't his faux hawk hair-do just awesome?! i did actually have it cut that way because i think he wears it splendidly!

but before the birthday, before the move and before the paint, this was what my family room looked like... i so love the big picture window

and this is one of my bathrooms with its original 1961 pink floor tile (which i just adore, by the way!) and the original 1961 wallpaper (which i don't hate but can't wait to change!)

isn't it cute? can to see another sink in the back? there is a pocket door between them because there's a door from the master to the tub/sink/toliet area so we can have our privacy and if kids or guests need to wash up, brush their teeth or fix there hair they can still do that! neat, huh?

and here was my kitchen/dining prior paint and such.... it is now two delicious shades of purple and i can't wait for ya'll to see it

so in a nutshell that was what the last month consisted of... well i do have a video post for you that will walk you through the house now that i've had three weeks to organize, paint some more, decorate and re-organize again...

i've also been spending much time in the Word and in prayer, writing and trying to keep my thoughts positive. it has been a challenge to stay in a 'cupcakes & pie' sort of place when it's all a mess and there is a long list of things that need updated or fixed in a 50 year old home, but i am beginning to feel like this is "our home" and being home with my kiddos is such a wonderful blessing, even when it's hard

i have also been working on some crafts and sewing projects and i would love to reward one of you!!

here's a sneak peek....


good!!! there's a post prepped and scheduled for tonight at 9p cst and you can see the prize and enter to win!!

i can't wait to start reconnecting with everyone again and i have several posts i've been preparing that i want to share with you, so swing by tonight and enter to win!!!!

love ya much!