Wednesday, November 19, 2014

who is flooded by grace marketing?

flooded by grace marketing: the who/what/how/why of my biz ;)

If I haven't said "thanks a bunch" to you before then hear me now, that I'm so blessed that you are a fan of our FB page!!! And that you would swing the blog...seriously, i think you rock!

flooded by grace marketing was the Lord's idea not mine, but so glad He planned for it! I, Heather or aka BlessedChic, am CEO/owner and have worked in marketing & advertising for almost 15 years--Wowza!!--in the SW Missouri market. And through it all my heart has been to be the very best (yes, I'm a Type A through & through) at serving my clients. I love partnering my marketing expertise with an owner's insight & goals, their expertise in their industry and make dreams come true!! It's hard but also a new adventure every single day!!

We--me & a few exceptional colleagues that partner with me--design THE most effective strategies and inspiring creative with innovative content & launch it on multiple media platforms! I want my clients to be the best of the best, so we develop ways to help them reach the most customers & achieve their dreams and goals within their budget, that's essential!! It's what we do and as a bonus, it's fun ;)

Why? Business owners and/or their marketing managers have handfuls of reps from media outlets calling, emailing, stopping by every day. If we can take the burden of meeting with multiple media reps (up to 70+ per month contact them) and gather all the market information, perform market analysis & industry research for their specific company, assist them in creating a budget so they never have to guess how much to spend or what they've spent and write persuasive & engaging content and place everything for them--take a breath!--then the business owner gets to do what they LOVE, run their company, not worry about their advertising but about serving the customers that need them!! It is such a win-win-win and so blessed to do this for our clients every day :)  Was that more info than you were looking for?! Lol!

How did I ever come up with the title 'flooded by grace'? I love Jesus and wouldn't be anything if it weren't for His amazing Grace & love!! My life--personal & business--is flooded by His Graces and having my business name reflect my praise and devotion to the Lord just makes me smile and opens the door to show & tell the others the love of Christ :)

So there you have it, a nut-shell description of flooded by grace marketing!! 


Monday, April 14, 2014

i love you most...

Eighteen years ago, two best friends--a young man and woman--went to their favorite park. They sat by the small lake on the foot bridge with their legs dangling over the side talking. They jokingly brought up the topic of marriage, and that handsome young man suggested that when they were 30, if they're not married then they should marry each other. Perfect plan, right?!  

I'll leave out the part where the young woman took offense to this insane idea and asked "Why wouldn't I be married by the time I'm 30?!!" :)

However ignorant the initial idea was, those two weren't quite ready to admit they were more than just close friends, but completely head over heels for one another....and within just a few months began these two began dating, they stumbled and tripped along the way (it wasn't perfect), a bit later had a beautiful baby boy, still stumbled a bit more on their way but within a couple years were engaged, then married....and well, this story is still one in the making....

...because this is my love story, imperfect and flawed, but magnificently wonderful! 

Today we celebrate the day we became one, that I married that super handsome young man! I could never have imagined something this amazing but God is overflowing with grace and wisdom and has given me the most incredible husband...he's not perfect, but My Man is so perfect for me! 

He overwhelms me with his patience and totally unconditionally he leads me and our kids...he's strong in the Lord and I am fully aware that many days I'm completely sustained by the prayers he takes before the Lord on my behalf...he's made me a mama five times and I'm beyond words thankful and humbled to have this title of "mom"...he pushes me to reach for dreams I didn't even know I had...

I know that while the past has been AWESOME--of course, not without heartbreaks and disappointments and loss because well, this Earth is NOT our home--I know that the best is absolutely yet to come!!! 

I've spent exactly half my life with you, my LOVE and I will continue to spend every day we have together being over-the-top in love with until my very last breath....

I love you most....