Monday, September 28, 2009

how time flies!

minutes fly past me at break-necking speed, it was just august and somehow september came out of nowhere and BAM! it's already almost october! crazy... however i totally love all things autumn and i am currently nesting all over the house with my fall decor! no, i'm not nesting due to the excepted arrival of a cute, squishy baby (not that i like to squish babies, oh nevermind) but i love a change in seasons and the opportunity to transform our home into a pumpkin spice-smelling, engulfed in warm, cozy hues of burnt orange and deep red world! my list of crafts and decor to create is long and i spent a hefty amount at michaels this past Labor Day in preparation for many evenings and weekends in crafting heaven. my lil' Lou-Who is excited about partnering with me this year on some projects and we have developed a long list of homemade Christmas gift ideas to make together. i'm thrilled to have her creative juices flowing along with mine! she is brillant with watercolors, and i can't wait to see what her cute little hands creates!

while our family is in the throws of constant busyness (i.e. 'P's football 3x a week plus games, Lou-Who's piano lessons, church, work, school & PTA functions and meetings, 'K's potty-training, etc) i didn't want anyone to think i had forgotten i had a blog. i have not, there is simply not enough hours in my days and while my mind is ever-churning with pondifications about being a child of the Most High King and my role as a woman of God, as a wife to a wonderful Man, Mama to ridiculously awesome kiddos and friend hoping to spill encouragment and love on those around me, i just can't fit it all in some days (or months as you can clearly see i haven't written in almost a month, bad blogger, bad!)
however i do have some cute pictures to keep you at bay until later this week when i have several posts scheduled to hit the page.
this was just too cute to pass up, but 'lou-who' decided one evening a few weeks ago to take over mom and dad's room and use 'P's playstation to rock out to here hannah montana game (and i have the cutest video to upload of her singing and dancing along as she played...) and 'K' who loves anything that sissy is doing grabbed the unused controller and started in himself. i love his little diaper hiney!! although he is no longer in diapers, and hasn't been since Aug 16th, yea baby Big 'K'!

i did promise you a million years ago a pic of the new hair, so i was able to snap a quick pic just for you!! MMMWWWAAAHHH! (that was a kiss, if you couldn't figure it out, giggle). thanks to miss karen down at the AVB Salon, i have style and highlights that i didn't have previously!!! thanks a million... so do you like?

'P' thought that he'd just play with the camera and take a serious, solemn photo of himself. maybe he was trying to capture his mood right after i asked him to hang up his laundry or something tragic like that!!! he is so handsome... yes i know that he'll be slightly embarrassed i wrote that, oh well, i'm the mom and that's my job!! and by the way, 'P' has his own blog now!!! i'm so proud!! i'll provide a link on the right side bar very soon!

and how could i not show you the "Terrible Twosome!!" baby 'K' and our mammoth puppy, Magnus, are totally BFF!!! (bestest friends forever!! hello, were you absent in the 80's?!!) people gasp in terror and fear as they observe these two wild animals playing with each other, and i suppose it is overwhelming to watch a 100 pound puppy (yes he's still a puppy, only 7 months old) knock down a 2 year old and lay on him or watch as 'K' flies off the chair to tackle Magnus to the ground... but 'K' is laughing and giggling 99% of the time, and Magnus is so happy that his monsterous & powerful tail is wagging hard enough to severely bruise an apendage!!!

so, while this post might be void of much serious and thought provoking content, our happy family is doing wonderful and we are soaking up our busyness and trying to Freeze Frame (such a good 80's song...what you've never heard it?! are you sure you're old enough to be reading my blog?!! relax, just do it kidding!! these little 80's music references were just for you, ms.S) these memories of our Posse. they will so soon be grown and while i'll still get to hug on them, God willing, this time is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience football, piano lessons, school projects, days at the park, church & worship, dinner together in the evenings, it is all a blessing!!