Monday, July 27, 2009

urgent... please pray for Stellan

i have had a long week, so if you all are wondering why i promised some interesting posts about natural medicines vs. traditional and then the update and link to some great music plus my slew of recipes and menu ideas for the next couple week, well just trust me it has been a long week.
but nothing in comparison to what MckMama has had to endure this past four days with Stellan back in the hospital... and now it is more than serious but is advancing to critical very quickly.
they are in desperate need of your prayers, we need to storm the gates of Heaven and plead with Jesus to intercede on Stellan's behalf, we need to go before the Father and cry and ask and believe that He is the God of the Universe and healing Stellan is completely under His control.
"So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." Luke 11.9-10
please ask the Lord with boldness to do a supernatual miracle for Stellan and that through this healing that the glory of the Lord would be revealed and that all who hear of the miracles that He has done in this little boy would draw people to the Lord and that through this many would come to know the Lord as their Savior and their faith would be renewed.
thank you for your prayers, head over to MckMama's site for updates and to follow her Twitter updates to know the latest prayer need. be blessed....

Monday, July 20, 2009

pray for Jaymun...

i want to introduce you to a beautiful little boy, Jaymun Kaat.

the entire Kaat family is wonderful and Jaymun has walked a road with many trials but the Lord has been incredibly faithful to this little guy and his family. Jaymun was born with congenital AML (acute myeloid leukemia) and has won the battle against cancer twice in his short life ( praise God, he just turned 3 years, yeah!!!). when his mom and dad were faced with devastating news last july 08 as the cancer (second time around) was not responding to traditional treatments and doctors didn't give the Kaat family much hope beyond a few weeks, so an alternative plan was started by Jaymun's dad, Dave. this plan focused on increasing Jaymun's quality of life and to add a few extra weeks to his life, but it became so much more. Dave had been researching for months the use of supplements and herbs to cure Jaymun's cancer, and with God's huge outpouring of grace, miracles have been seen in Jaymun's recovery. that's right, natural medicine fixed Jaymun's tummy and digestive system which had been ravaged by the chemo, and healed the problems with his brain and natural, non-toxic medicine killed off that terrible cancer and has given Jaymun an entire year that modern, traditional medicine didn't think was possible.
however, after a week or so of not feeling great and some tests, it has been revealed that the cancer is trying to come back, and this is where you come in! i am calling all prayer warriors to storm the gates of Heaven and go before the Lord with the cry to heal Jaymun from the cancer that has returned and is now in his central nervous system. the Lord has performed miracles before for this family and He can do for them again, but we as the body of Christ have to pray impudently (that means persistently, almost annoyingly not that God is annoyed with our prayers but keep knocking on the door for an answer) and believe that God is going to move in this situation. pray for wisdom and peace for Jaymun's parents, Dave and Jennifer, that the Lord will guide them in their decisions for treatment, traditional and natural protocols. pray that they will be overwhelmed with the joy of the Lord even during this trial, that they will feel the Lord moving in their situation, on their behalf.
take a minute (or more) and visit their website, to learn more about Jaymun and the Kaat family, they are updating as to how things are going right now.
more info to come later tonight in a my natural medicine post, so stay tuned!! and pray, pray, pray!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not My Child! Monday

my kiddos are absolutely perfect and nothing rude or inappropriate ever comes out of their mouths.....oh, this in not opposite day?!! nevermind, they are always wondering out loud (which i love) and yes they say things that i wish they had used their internal dialogue for and they have thrown a fit in public that caused others to stop and stare. but, i'm still here and sharing these less than perfect moments with you, so glad you stopped by!

this incredibly fun blog carnival was created by MckMama as a way to clear the air and get a few things off our chest (besides the baby spit up!), so instead of a Not Me! Monday this week it is Not My Child! Monday, so please enjoy. and after you've laughed yourself silly head over to MckMama's blog and get your own Not My Child! Monday linked up so that we may all laugh hysterically at the things your child did not do!

it is definitely not my babe how i found in the bathroom flushing the toliet over and over and over again and happily yelling and waving "bye bye, pee!!" as if he actually put something in there!! my babe obeys his mama at all time and would never play in the nasty toliet....yuck! can i have some germ-killer, please and thanks?!

my babe has the most impecable manners and he did not pick up his plate after snack and lick it clean, nope, my babe is oh so precious and polite!

when asked to get dressed in the morning, my gorgeous, congenial daughter would not even think of having a melt down and arguing that "those shorts aren't pretty!! i don't wanna wear them!!" why would she collapse over clothing?! i am so glad i don't have a drama-queen girlie....

my oldest kiddo,'P' is so mature and above silly little things, and he did not call me one day while he was completing his chore of sweeping to brag about how he got the broom to stand up on it's brissles all by itself!! he would not waste his time with such experiments of broom-balancing!! (i wish i had the pic to show, not that he sent me one!)

oh my this was fun!! i didn't have to tattle on myself this week make stuff up that i of course didn't do because i'm always at the top of my game! as always you can get involved in all this frivilous fun, too!! swing by and visit MckMama and link up your Not My Child! Monday, you know you want to....

coming soon to Flooded By Grace: a much needed call to all prayer warriors for a beautiful boy named Jaymun and some info on natural medicines (i've been reading the most interesting book) plus my thoughts on a new CD i got and want to share with you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what would your children say?! wednesday

i totally think that this is the cutiest idea for mid-week blahs!! the idea was to share with the blog world all the funny, cute, potentially inappropriate nuggets that slip out of those sweet little mouths of our babes, because it's very entertaining, don't ya think?!thanks marianne over at, for being so creative and sharing it with all of us!
my POKs* say the cutest things such as: when Master 'P' was a babe all 'L' sounds came out as 'W', so i love you took on "i wuv you a yot, mama", just melt my heart! and lil' 'Lou-Who' had a hard time pronouncing animal names like a skunk was a "snunk" and an elephant was a "elephlint" and marshmellows were suddenly "marshpillows"(i still say marsh-pillows to this day). and Big 'K' doesn't seem to put the beginning sounds onto words, but he is only 2, so i'll give a pass however still very sweet, like a snack is a "nack" and m&ms (which i never give him because that is totally unhealthy....okay i do, i'm weak and he says it so cute) come out of his mouth sounding like "num-a-nums, peeeeessssss!"
*Posse of Kiddos
i'll have more sweet nothings by next wednesday, but i'll have to start pulling out the files in my mind so i can share more funnies (i didn't have much prep time for this one!! :) )
"I'm telling you, once and for all, that unless you return to square one and start over like children, you're not even going to get a look at the kingdom, let alone get in. Whoever becomes simple and elemental again, like this child, will rank high in God's kingdom. What's more, when you receive the childlike on my account, it's the same as receiving me." Matthew 18. 2-5 (the Message)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

it's all about the 'K' !!

i love birthdays at our house!! i am well aware that i already posted about baby Big 'K's birthday but i had to update you with the stupendous pictures of his big shin-dig with all our family and some friends.

when our family gets together for a birthday party it is no small gathering, not here!! there is usually close to 25 or more people running around the house... and it is fun, i'm exhausted afterwards, but the memories for our POK is totally worth it. and with this many people in attendance the presents for said birthday kiddo is overwhelming. the week before (if not sooner) i go through the birthday kiddo's toys and take out everything that is not played with on a regular basis to donate or throw away broken toys that have snuck back into the bins. now Big 'K' didn't have a ton of toys, just some blocks and a few balls, so he was ready for something new to destroy & jump on to play with!
mama and daddy got him his first tricycle!! and i love it, i loved it when it spoke to me at toys r us and said 'buy me!' and obviously 'K' likes it as well. for now i can push and steer him but the handle is detachable so when he is a little bigger and wiser in his tricycling, he can be let loose!

since he is so big, my Man and i thought that we should begin to introduce the idea of potty-training to Big 'K'. i saw this incredibly cutie frog potty at WM and it was only $12 so i thought that was a deal and made my purchase. 'K' immediately sat down on his froggy potty and thankfully daddy was quick with the camera, i just hope as we begin the soggy road to potty training that he's always this excited to sit on the froggy!

we are a sports-loving family! and that is really an understatement, we're addicted to all things sports, except baseball 'cause it's incredibly boring (no offense, lol), so 'K' has been magnetically drawn to all types of balls since he was able to grasp the round, rubber toys in his chubby little hands. his nana followed mama's instructions and purchased this basketball goal (good job mom!), to which 'K' said as soon as he unwrapped the box "Shoot!!!". as you can see he is thoroughly enjoying his gift.

'K' is a face-maker!! he comes up with cutest expressions all the time, especially when he knows he's in trouble and he wants to play the 'cutie' card. he had just opened a gift which included the coolest pair of shoes with Spiderman on them. and 'K' loves Spiderman, as influenced by big brother. the pic speaks for itself....

picking at our cookie and ice cream!! 'K' is not a cake loving kiddo, so i made big, giant chocolate chip with walnut cookies instead. i'll be honest with you, i love making outrageously awesome cake-masterpieces for my kiddos birthdays, and they love to see what i come up with in regards to the theme they've chosen. so i didn't have the chance to the oober-creative with the cookies but they were oh so yummy, and 'K' liked them and that's all that matters!

more cookies and ice cream... and yes you silly, it was all natural and organic ingredients in everything... now i can't say the same for the m&ms we ate with it :)

it was a great day (the 4th of July actually), so we also had an amazing show of fireworks in the backyard courtesy of daddy and all the uncles to end the evening on. can't wait to see what year #2 brings this little man of mine....

Monday, July 13, 2009

home cookin', please n' thanks

so i did finally make it to the store for my 2 weeks worth of groceries, and a recap for those in the back: i only head to the store one time every two weeks in my attempt to not spend so much freakin' money at WM! be more time efficient and planning out our menu for 2 weeks helps my OCD me be more organized!
i really tried to come up with some new recipes this time around while of course keeping the family favs in the rotation. and i know that cooking my organic dinners from scratch i a ton more work that ordering chinese take-out (which i soooo love by the way) but i know how much my POK* and my Man love home-cooked food and i love them, so there you go.
*Posse of Kiddos
on to the show: here's what i'm creating in the kitchen...
-meatloaf with corn casserole & fresh green beans
-chicken enchiladas
-asian grilled salmon with rice (white or brown, whatever i feel like that night) & veggies
-deli-stuffed eggwiches & homemade fries (baked not fried, how ya like them apples!!)
-creamy spaghetti and beans with biscuits & raw honey
-florentine mac and cheese with roasted turkey meatballs
-baked french toast & sausage & scrambled eggs
-tiapia with cousous and spinach salad
-grilled chicken and Annie's cheese noodles
-cheese ravioli & baked chicken & broccoli
-pizza and carrots with hummus
-cuban surf-n-turf (this is a new one out of the Rachael Ray cookbook)

i got everything for these 14 dinner ideas plus all our healthy snacks, lunch yummies and fresh fruit and veggies and other baking stuff for homemade cookies & brownies, and i spent less than $300. now for our family of 5, this is quite an accomplishment, with Master 'P' eating as much as daddy does (he's a growing boy, only 11 and over 5 feet tall and a shoe size of a men's 9 1/2, it takes a lot to keep him growing!) and 'Lou-Who' is on a growth spurt right now and Big 'K' just snacks on granola & apples & cheese sticks all day long!!!
now i will head to the farmer's market this next weekend for more fresh veggies and fruit and i do have to go to one of the local grocers for our organic, farm-fresh milk along will a loaf of bread, but that's it!!!
tonight i think i'm going to make the florentine mac-n-cheese with turkey meatball, it will be the first time so pray that my POKs have hungry tummies and an open-mind!!
if you are interested in any of the recipes specifically leave me a comment or @blessdmama me on Twitter and you just might get your wish!!

happy cooking!

Not Me! Monday...

okay so went all day with two different colored shoes on, and maybe you forgot you put the little one in time-out and they were sitting there for 10 minutes... the idea behind Not Me! Monday was to air out our faults that we'd probably rather forget but that we are living to tell about!! and this crazy fun blog carnival was all started by MckMama so after you have gotten your fill of this Blessed Mama's life you can head over to MckMama's blog and link up your Not Me! Monday...

and this was how my last 10 days have been (i'm going back a little further just because i never got my not me! posted last week, whoops!)

i always decorate the house for my kiddos birthday the night before so they wake up to a fun, it's-all-about-my-birthday day, so i most definitely did not take forever (2am) to get everything done due to blogging and reading my fav list of blogs instead decorating, no way!!

while volunteering at I Love America i most certainly was not walking around the grounds assisting people with a light rain coming down wearing my white I.L.A. t-shirt without another tank on underneath!! that would completely wrong to be praying for people in my damp white t-shirt. and if i had done that i quickly found our tent and manuvered my extra blue tank top on under my shirt....ahem....

my Posse of Kiddos did not eat pizza 3 days in a row for lunch, because i'm always on top of everything and make it to the store every 2 weeks exactly!! i am way too health conscience to let them have pizza more than once every few weeks (does it count if the pizza was all natural?!, please say yes)

and while unloading said groceries on friday night and organizing my fridge and cupboards as i put stuff away (yes i re-organize every 2 weeks as i'm putting groceries away, and yes i know that i have issues, anyway) i did not forget that my lil' 'Lou-Who' and my niece were upstairs playing polly pockets and watching TV for like 2 hours and it was wwwwaaayyyy past their bedtime. i am totally responsible and i understand the value of a good night's rest, i'd never let them stay up 'til 12:30, nope...

sigh... okay now that i've gotten all those things that i would never do off my heart it is your turn!! type up your Not Me! Monday and go link it up with MckMama's blog!!

stay tuned for cutie pics from Big 'K's 2nd birthday and my post of menu ideas for the next 2 weeks!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

america is beautiful!

i really love the 4th of july!! it encompasses all that is summer in my mind: amazing warm weather, time relaxing with my family & friends, yummy food and breath-taking fireworks!! however, Independence day has become much more to me and my family over the last 4 years since our church has its largest community/regional outreach for the year on the 4th of july (well this year it was on july 3rd but you get where i'm going, right?! smiles), so the 4th of july means that lives will be changed...

I Love America is a huge day of fun that began at 10:30am when we arrived at the grounds, and God blessed us with an awesome parking spot. now i realize that may not seem like a big deal but when you have tons of stuff to tot along with the entire Posse of Kiddos, getting to park closer to the main field area is a big deal. and we made it to the perfect spot not far from the main platform and we got our canopy/screened tent up right before my assigned time to volunteer at 11am. so i left our rowdy bunch in the capable hands of my Amazing Man and headed out to volunteer my time and energy for the Kingdom!! it wasn't too glamorous, but servitude never is, is it? and it is not about me but entirely about God, can i get an Amen?! :) it was really fun, i had the privilege of working out of our prayer tent and walking the grounds and through the crowd helping families get their areas set up, visiting with the guests, being there to talk and welcome everyone and assisting in a tangible by carrying things for overwhelmed parents to saying a prayer with them for a needing weighing down their heart.
(the view outside our screened tent. my Man and my sister-in-law visiting. that's the main platform behind them!!! :) )

when my shift was over it was time for my Man to head out to serve as parking security for a few hours so the kids and i had a late afternoon snack and headed out to the many (and i mean lots) inflatables and games for an afternoon of jumping, climbing, running, skipping, laughing, i could go on. it was fun, tiring but much fun.

as early evening was upon us we made our way back to the tent for some snacking and resting just as some awesome bands made it to the stage. if you haven't listened to the band Press Play yet, do it now!!! killer band with a heart for the Lord, great! we also listened to The Afters, who were just as great and completely worth checking out.

me and my one true love!!! he says we have no pictures together, so this was my quick pic after a long day of glistening in the sun, isn't he handsome?!! love, love, love him more than words...

the main reason for this entire day of family fun was next... our fabulous choir and praise band tore it up in an outstanding praise & worship set and then our passionate team of pastors shared the gospel with the over 120,000 people in attendance!! i was also volunteering as an altar worker and had the wonderful privilege of praying with a glorious young woman as she accepted the Lord as her Savior for the first time.... what a paramount moment to be involved in and used by God! i just have to say that this time with her made the day entirely worth it. i am extremely excited to have this time with my Man and the POK and all fun memories we made but this time i spent praying with this beautiful woman was the purpose of I Love America! there were 121 people that had the courage and conviction to step out of the crowd and accept the gift of life that Jesus so freely gives ! wonderful....

and then the fireworks! WOW! it was extravagant to say the least, with the harmonious choir and orchestra narrating each explosion of color! the kiddos were mesmerized and i was pulled in completely as well. and even though we were tired and worn by the time we pulled into our garage at 11:05pm, with three sleepy kiddos it was such a blessed day. it was a perfect day. thank you Lord for days like these with one blessing after another! i am truly thankful to live in this amazing country that allows me the freedom to worship God freely.

this was our crazy group.. all tents are down by 7pm so that everyone can see the platform, so we're chillin' in our lawn chairs and on blankies. lil' 'Lou-Who' is just behind my Man, just in case you were wondering: 'where is that cute girlie?'

i pray independence day was fun-filled and overflowing with blessings for you.... leave a comment and let us in on your holiday!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

happy birthday big boy!!

happy 2nd birthday baby 'K'!!!!

it doesn't seem quite possible that 2 years have passed since i delivered babe #3 on a hot monday evening, at 6:53pm to be exact. i'll be honest with you, i wanted 'K' to just wait until the 3rd of july to grace us all with his presence; i was ready to deliver, believe me, but (and i know ahead of time how silly this sounds but bear with me, ok?) all of our birthdays are on odd numbered days... and big 'K' was about to ruin that. strike that, not ruin, but he was throwing off our whole birthday day thing!! but i was so ready, regardless of the date, and not just because i had been waddling around for 2 weeks dialated to a 5, oh yes i said "5", but he was rather content to just keep swimming around in there.

i absolutely love the pictures from the hospital hallway that ms. abbey (you rock) took of the family and especially of 'P' and 'Lou-Who'. as they kept their ears to the door, they would also slip me and daddy notes under the door. it had me laughing at some rather uncomfortable moments, and 'Lou-Who' couldn't understand why i didn't write her something back right away!

the first people in the delivery room were of course big brother and big sister. we wanted them to have the VIP treatment, and 'Lou-Who' was so gentle and loving with baby 'K', and with me: "mommy, you're okay right? are you tired?"

i was ready for Big 'K' because i felt soooo prepared and ready for this final addition to our family. baby #3, no big, right?! my bag and the diaper bag had been packed and in the truck for a couple of weeks, the nursery was ready, every piece of clothing washed in yummy smelling baby detergent (oh how i love the smell of Dreft), the big kids had painted a welcome home sign for 'K', daddy was confident in his coaching and ecstatic for our babe. but we felt a real peace and readiness (not that you can ever be fully prepared) because we had planned and prayed, prayed and planned for this baby for so long. my Man and i had originally started talking about babe #3 about two years prior, and once pregnant we kept it our own little secret for almost 4 months before we told anyone, which was incredibily special and fun for us, i highly recommend it for your next pregnancy!!

'P' took immediate ownership of 'K' and he wasn't at all nervous or anxious to hold him!

(the kiddos sign i referenced above!!) the big kids left with mema and papa to stay with them while we were in the hospital but they stopped by the house to put up the sign and they wanted to clean the house up for me so it would 'perfect' when i got home... did i say they are awesome.

here's a cute pic of the fiersome-threesome when baby 'K' was about 5 months old.... he's so fat and adorable!!

not just a little baby anymore... his 1st birthday was rainforest-safari!! and i made him a monkey cake, which he did dig into and made a monster mess. i wish i could find that pic to scan in, oh well maybe later, just use your imagination!

while this might be a strange image to share on this momentous day, but it is very 'K': he's always on the go whether he's climbing, running, exploring into areas that he is not allowed. 'K' is all boy, and i have to parent him quite differently than i did the other two at this age. 'K' is stubborn and strong-willed and he doesn't take instruction well at all, but i have grown as a mama and learned to eat some words that i've said flippently in the past about parenting a 'strong-willed' kiddo. there are been times that he has driven me to tears "why won't you just listen to me, aargghh", but i say a quick prayer, count to 5 and go again. try, try again is for parents too, you know!

anytime it is stressful at our home or things don't go according to plan the first or second time around i think many Bible verses but i do ponder upon a line in our most favorite dr.seuss book, Oh The Places You'll Go (i have the entire book memorized, it is great!):
you'll get mixed up, of course, as you already know. you'll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go. so be sure when you step. step with care and great tact and remember that life'a Great Balancing Act.
i agree that as a mama i'm going to get mixed up but to make my decisions with 'K', or any of my Posse of Kiddos, to do so with tact and care and prayer, and it is all about having to balance priorities.

i don't think i've really posted a pic of me with any of the kiddos, so here you go, i really do exist. i love holding my big boy and how he looks at me and trusts that mama has it all figured out... if he only knew!

and enjoy this swimming pic, 'K' is about 22months old here. he is a lover of the pool, mostly drinking the water like a dog, lapping it up while down on all fours!! who is watching this kid? oh, right, me....

dear 'K',
you are 2 today, and yet it doesn't feel like it's been two years, but that i've had you my whole life! in many aspects since you are the baby of the family i just want to keep you little, except i'd like the tanturms to stop... so if you could work that in i'd appreciate not dragging you through anymore grocery store lines (not that i did that, ahem...). i love how you want to be held all the time. now i'll admit some days it is a challenge to get everything done on my list with you on my hip, but when i stop and think about it, there will be a day not too far away that you will be too big to hold and you won't really want or need me to carry you.

you're crossing over into becoming a little boy and not a baby and it makes me sad, but i look forward to having the deep conversations with you like why the sky is blue, and why can't the fishy breathe out of the water and where is Heaven...
i love you all the way to the rainbows and i pray that the Lord continues to mold me day by day into a mama that will raise you to love and serve the Lord with all your heart. it matters very little to me if you make straight A's some day as long as you give it your best, and if you decide you don't want to play football or basketball, that's okay too. those accomplishments, while great and awesome and make me excited for you, are not the reason i love you and i will never give up on you, ever. there is nothing you can do that will cause me to turn away from you: we will disagree, you will think i'm stupid, i will most likely get angry and have to discipline you for many infractions (i say that based upon these first 2 years, and that's okay, but anytime you want to start being obedient i'm all for that, giggle), but i will always, always love you. you are a part of me and i am so blessed to have you as my kiddo and i am honored to have the title as your mommy.
happy birthday baby!
love ya to the rainbows,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

food for thought

breath in and smell the fresh scent of a brand-spankin' new month!!! july, wow!! i truly feel like 2009 just got here, but with the craziness that comes with being a wife and mama time really does fly.

i am inspired to let you all in on my grocery list and menu for the family, seeing how it is 97.887% all natural and organic. and while this isn't always easy, in fact it is time consuming, i totally feel content and thrilled to know that while the POK are scarfing down their food it is wonderfully healthy and is actually contributing to their overall well-being!!

you're excited aren't you?! well, get to reading and i hope this motivates you to start out on the organic/all natural cooking and snacking...

in order to be as good of a steward as possible with my grocery budget (and my Man is completely generous with the grocery budget since buying all natural/organic is a tad more money than purchasing processed, not real foods, ahem, sorry for that little outburst), i attempt to shop for 2 weeks worth of food. i am totally addicted to WM super stores and the more i go the more money i am likely to spend, so i cut out more trips=spend less and save more! i do make a quick trip to the store about 7 days in for more fresh fruit, sandwich meats, fresh veggies and milk or i make every effort to get out to the weekend farmers market!! so when i headed out to the store this past weekend with my menu with needed ingredients, here's my list of planned meals:

Oh Baby! Pasta with Shrimp, Tomatoes & Arugula

Chicken Parm Stoup

Poppy Chicken with Smashed Potatoes & veggies

Mac-n-Cheese-n-Burgers & veggies

Tomatilla & Chicken Quesadillas

good ole Spaghetti and Meatballs & veggies

Breakfast night (consisting of pancakes/eggs/bacon/fruit)

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon & Chessy Noodles & veggies

Tilapia Club Stacks

Pizza & Spinach Salad

Catalina Chicken with Rice & Broccoli

Burrito Bake with Salad

i realize that i'm missing a couple meals for this 2 weeks but i'm writing this without my menu in front of me, so please forgive my forgetfulness!! :)

now i believe i've raved about my love of all Rachael Ray recipes in a previous post, but i will gush again because i love how that girl can whip up an outstanding, homecooked meal in only 30 minutes. i seriously can't get the cooking done that quick, and while i love ms.Ray, she doesn't have a 2 year old (well 'K' will be 2 tomorrow!!! but more on that later!) hanging on her apron, a Great Dane puppy literally running in between her legs chasing the 2 year, the cell phone beeping me letting me know that MckMama has tweeted again (which i love getting, not complaining MckMama), my lil' Lou-Who girlie skipping from the living room, to the dining room, through the kitchen all while practicing jump-roping, with 'P' bounding through dribbling a basketball....whew!! how do i ever get anything cooked now that i think about it? i digress, so i don't get it done in 30 minutes, more like 45 minutes, but still not too bad. and she, ms.Ray, has 15 minute menu ideas and those i can typically get done in 30 minutes.
here's just a glimpse of the rowdy little 'K' during dinner prep being Buzz Lightyear and then having a meltdown... come one babe, walk it off!!

i've gone through all this to say this: it is possible to plan out your menu for a week or 2 weeks, just stick to your list. and to add Posse of Kiddos input, i let the big kids look over the menu and pick what they'd like to have and when. it's fun, they appreciate being asked since many things as a kid aren't within their ability to control, and while they many times take a look at the new food on their plate and say "this doesn't look good.."no try again, you have to say it with a really good whiny-ness in your voice...great, you did it just like lil 'Lou-Who'!! (hee, you sis), they have discovered many new food and recipes that are quickly becoming favorites.

i also purchased snacks for the next 2 weeks such as: tons of strawberries, even more blueberries, like a million pounds of grapes for 'K', celery with spinach dip or hummus, all natural vanilla yogurt, granola, oh yea lots of apples and nectarines, Annies bunny crackers, natural cheese sticks, baby carrots, cucumbers, popcorn, lots of nuts like cashews & almonds. i know there's more but my brain is blinking out on me, darn sinus infection/migraine.
i promise i am really going to keep up with letting you in on my bi-weekly shopping lists and menus and maybe you can leave me a comment with your fav meals to cook so i can try something new, too