Monday, July 13, 2009

home cookin', please n' thanks

so i did finally make it to the store for my 2 weeks worth of groceries, and a recap for those in the back: i only head to the store one time every two weeks in my attempt to not spend so much freakin' money at WM! be more time efficient and planning out our menu for 2 weeks helps my OCD me be more organized!
i really tried to come up with some new recipes this time around while of course keeping the family favs in the rotation. and i know that cooking my organic dinners from scratch i a ton more work that ordering chinese take-out (which i soooo love by the way) but i know how much my POK* and my Man love home-cooked food and i love them, so there you go.
*Posse of Kiddos
on to the show: here's what i'm creating in the kitchen...
-meatloaf with corn casserole & fresh green beans
-chicken enchiladas
-asian grilled salmon with rice (white or brown, whatever i feel like that night) & veggies
-deli-stuffed eggwiches & homemade fries (baked not fried, how ya like them apples!!)
-creamy spaghetti and beans with biscuits & raw honey
-florentine mac and cheese with roasted turkey meatballs
-baked french toast & sausage & scrambled eggs
-tiapia with cousous and spinach salad
-grilled chicken and Annie's cheese noodles
-cheese ravioli & baked chicken & broccoli
-pizza and carrots with hummus
-cuban surf-n-turf (this is a new one out of the Rachael Ray cookbook)

i got everything for these 14 dinner ideas plus all our healthy snacks, lunch yummies and fresh fruit and veggies and other baking stuff for homemade cookies & brownies, and i spent less than $300. now for our family of 5, this is quite an accomplishment, with Master 'P' eating as much as daddy does (he's a growing boy, only 11 and over 5 feet tall and a shoe size of a men's 9 1/2, it takes a lot to keep him growing!) and 'Lou-Who' is on a growth spurt right now and Big 'K' just snacks on granola & apples & cheese sticks all day long!!!
now i will head to the farmer's market this next weekend for more fresh veggies and fruit and i do have to go to one of the local grocers for our organic, farm-fresh milk along will a loaf of bread, but that's it!!!
tonight i think i'm going to make the florentine mac-n-cheese with turkey meatball, it will be the first time so pray that my POKs have hungry tummies and an open-mind!!
if you are interested in any of the recipes specifically leave me a comment or @blessdmama me on Twitter and you just might get your wish!!

happy cooking!

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