Tuesday, July 14, 2009

it's all about the 'K' !!

i love birthdays at our house!! i am well aware that i already posted about baby Big 'K's birthday but i had to update you with the stupendous pictures of his big shin-dig with all our family and some friends.

when our family gets together for a birthday party it is no small gathering, not here!! there is usually close to 25 or more people running around the house... and it is fun, i'm exhausted afterwards, but the memories for our POK is totally worth it. and with this many people in attendance the presents for said birthday kiddo is overwhelming. the week before (if not sooner) i go through the birthday kiddo's toys and take out everything that is not played with on a regular basis to donate or throw away broken toys that have snuck back into the bins. now Big 'K' didn't have a ton of toys, just some blocks and a few balls, so he was ready for something new to destroy & jump on to play with!
mama and daddy got him his first tricycle!! and i love it, i loved it when it spoke to me at toys r us and said 'buy me!' and obviously 'K' likes it as well. for now i can push and steer him but the handle is detachable so when he is a little bigger and wiser in his tricycling, he can be let loose!

since he is so big, my Man and i thought that we should begin to introduce the idea of potty-training to Big 'K'. i saw this incredibly cutie frog potty at WM and it was only $12 so i thought that was a deal and made my purchase. 'K' immediately sat down on his froggy potty and thankfully daddy was quick with the camera, i just hope as we begin the soggy road to potty training that he's always this excited to sit on the froggy!

we are a sports-loving family! and that is really an understatement, we're addicted to all things sports, except baseball 'cause it's incredibly boring (no offense, lol), so 'K' has been magnetically drawn to all types of balls since he was able to grasp the round, rubber toys in his chubby little hands. his nana followed mama's instructions and purchased this basketball goal (good job mom!), to which 'K' said as soon as he unwrapped the box "Shoot!!!". as you can see he is thoroughly enjoying his gift.

'K' is a face-maker!! he comes up with cutest expressions all the time, especially when he knows he's in trouble and he wants to play the 'cutie' card. he had just opened a gift which included the coolest pair of shoes with Spiderman on them. and 'K' loves Spiderman, as influenced by big brother. the pic speaks for itself....

picking at our cookie and ice cream!! 'K' is not a cake loving kiddo, so i made big, giant chocolate chip with walnut cookies instead. i'll be honest with you, i love making outrageously awesome cake-masterpieces for my kiddos birthdays, and they love to see what i come up with in regards to the theme they've chosen. so i didn't have the chance to the oober-creative with the cookies but they were oh so yummy, and 'K' liked them and that's all that matters!

more cookies and ice cream... and yes you silly, it was all natural and organic ingredients in everything... now i can't say the same for the m&ms we ate with it :)

it was a great day (the 4th of July actually), so we also had an amazing show of fireworks in the backyard courtesy of daddy and all the uncles to end the evening on. can't wait to see what year #2 brings this little man of mine....

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