Thursday, July 2, 2009

happy birthday big boy!!

happy 2nd birthday baby 'K'!!!!

it doesn't seem quite possible that 2 years have passed since i delivered babe #3 on a hot monday evening, at 6:53pm to be exact. i'll be honest with you, i wanted 'K' to just wait until the 3rd of july to grace us all with his presence; i was ready to deliver, believe me, but (and i know ahead of time how silly this sounds but bear with me, ok?) all of our birthdays are on odd numbered days... and big 'K' was about to ruin that. strike that, not ruin, but he was throwing off our whole birthday day thing!! but i was so ready, regardless of the date, and not just because i had been waddling around for 2 weeks dialated to a 5, oh yes i said "5", but he was rather content to just keep swimming around in there.

i absolutely love the pictures from the hospital hallway that ms. abbey (you rock) took of the family and especially of 'P' and 'Lou-Who'. as they kept their ears to the door, they would also slip me and daddy notes under the door. it had me laughing at some rather uncomfortable moments, and 'Lou-Who' couldn't understand why i didn't write her something back right away!

the first people in the delivery room were of course big brother and big sister. we wanted them to have the VIP treatment, and 'Lou-Who' was so gentle and loving with baby 'K', and with me: "mommy, you're okay right? are you tired?"

i was ready for Big 'K' because i felt soooo prepared and ready for this final addition to our family. baby #3, no big, right?! my bag and the diaper bag had been packed and in the truck for a couple of weeks, the nursery was ready, every piece of clothing washed in yummy smelling baby detergent (oh how i love the smell of Dreft), the big kids had painted a welcome home sign for 'K', daddy was confident in his coaching and ecstatic for our babe. but we felt a real peace and readiness (not that you can ever be fully prepared) because we had planned and prayed, prayed and planned for this baby for so long. my Man and i had originally started talking about babe #3 about two years prior, and once pregnant we kept it our own little secret for almost 4 months before we told anyone, which was incredibily special and fun for us, i highly recommend it for your next pregnancy!!

'P' took immediate ownership of 'K' and he wasn't at all nervous or anxious to hold him!

(the kiddos sign i referenced above!!) the big kids left with mema and papa to stay with them while we were in the hospital but they stopped by the house to put up the sign and they wanted to clean the house up for me so it would 'perfect' when i got home... did i say they are awesome.

here's a cute pic of the fiersome-threesome when baby 'K' was about 5 months old.... he's so fat and adorable!!

not just a little baby anymore... his 1st birthday was rainforest-safari!! and i made him a monkey cake, which he did dig into and made a monster mess. i wish i could find that pic to scan in, oh well maybe later, just use your imagination!

while this might be a strange image to share on this momentous day, but it is very 'K': he's always on the go whether he's climbing, running, exploring into areas that he is not allowed. 'K' is all boy, and i have to parent him quite differently than i did the other two at this age. 'K' is stubborn and strong-willed and he doesn't take instruction well at all, but i have grown as a mama and learned to eat some words that i've said flippently in the past about parenting a 'strong-willed' kiddo. there are been times that he has driven me to tears "why won't you just listen to me, aargghh", but i say a quick prayer, count to 5 and go again. try, try again is for parents too, you know!

anytime it is stressful at our home or things don't go according to plan the first or second time around i think many Bible verses but i do ponder upon a line in our most favorite dr.seuss book, Oh The Places You'll Go (i have the entire book memorized, it is great!):
you'll get mixed up, of course, as you already know. you'll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go. so be sure when you step. step with care and great tact and remember that life'a Great Balancing Act.
i agree that as a mama i'm going to get mixed up but to make my decisions with 'K', or any of my Posse of Kiddos, to do so with tact and care and prayer, and it is all about having to balance priorities.

i don't think i've really posted a pic of me with any of the kiddos, so here you go, i really do exist. i love holding my big boy and how he looks at me and trusts that mama has it all figured out... if he only knew!

and enjoy this swimming pic, 'K' is about 22months old here. he is a lover of the pool, mostly drinking the water like a dog, lapping it up while down on all fours!! who is watching this kid? oh, right, me....

dear 'K',
you are 2 today, and yet it doesn't feel like it's been two years, but that i've had you my whole life! in many aspects since you are the baby of the family i just want to keep you little, except i'd like the tanturms to stop... so if you could work that in i'd appreciate not dragging you through anymore grocery store lines (not that i did that, ahem...). i love how you want to be held all the time. now i'll admit some days it is a challenge to get everything done on my list with you on my hip, but when i stop and think about it, there will be a day not too far away that you will be too big to hold and you won't really want or need me to carry you.

you're crossing over into becoming a little boy and not a baby and it makes me sad, but i look forward to having the deep conversations with you like why the sky is blue, and why can't the fishy breathe out of the water and where is Heaven...
i love you all the way to the rainbows and i pray that the Lord continues to mold me day by day into a mama that will raise you to love and serve the Lord with all your heart. it matters very little to me if you make straight A's some day as long as you give it your best, and if you decide you don't want to play football or basketball, that's okay too. those accomplishments, while great and awesome and make me excited for you, are not the reason i love you and i will never give up on you, ever. there is nothing you can do that will cause me to turn away from you: we will disagree, you will think i'm stupid, i will most likely get angry and have to discipline you for many infractions (i say that based upon these first 2 years, and that's okay, but anytime you want to start being obedient i'm all for that, giggle), but i will always, always love you. you are a part of me and i am so blessed to have you as my kiddo and i am honored to have the title as your mommy.
happy birthday baby!
love ya to the rainbows,

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