Monday, July 20, 2009

pray for Jaymun...

i want to introduce you to a beautiful little boy, Jaymun Kaat.

the entire Kaat family is wonderful and Jaymun has walked a road with many trials but the Lord has been incredibly faithful to this little guy and his family. Jaymun was born with congenital AML (acute myeloid leukemia) and has won the battle against cancer twice in his short life ( praise God, he just turned 3 years, yeah!!!). when his mom and dad were faced with devastating news last july 08 as the cancer (second time around) was not responding to traditional treatments and doctors didn't give the Kaat family much hope beyond a few weeks, so an alternative plan was started by Jaymun's dad, Dave. this plan focused on increasing Jaymun's quality of life and to add a few extra weeks to his life, but it became so much more. Dave had been researching for months the use of supplements and herbs to cure Jaymun's cancer, and with God's huge outpouring of grace, miracles have been seen in Jaymun's recovery. that's right, natural medicine fixed Jaymun's tummy and digestive system which had been ravaged by the chemo, and healed the problems with his brain and natural, non-toxic medicine killed off that terrible cancer and has given Jaymun an entire year that modern, traditional medicine didn't think was possible.
however, after a week or so of not feeling great and some tests, it has been revealed that the cancer is trying to come back, and this is where you come in! i am calling all prayer warriors to storm the gates of Heaven and go before the Lord with the cry to heal Jaymun from the cancer that has returned and is now in his central nervous system. the Lord has performed miracles before for this family and He can do for them again, but we as the body of Christ have to pray impudently (that means persistently, almost annoyingly not that God is annoyed with our prayers but keep knocking on the door for an answer) and believe that God is going to move in this situation. pray for wisdom and peace for Jaymun's parents, Dave and Jennifer, that the Lord will guide them in their decisions for treatment, traditional and natural protocols. pray that they will be overwhelmed with the joy of the Lord even during this trial, that they will feel the Lord moving in their situation, on their behalf.
take a minute (or more) and visit their website, to learn more about Jaymun and the Kaat family, they are updating as to how things are going right now.
more info to come later tonight in a my natural medicine post, so stay tuned!! and pray, pray, pray!!!

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