Sunday, July 5, 2009

america is beautiful!

i really love the 4th of july!! it encompasses all that is summer in my mind: amazing warm weather, time relaxing with my family & friends, yummy food and breath-taking fireworks!! however, Independence day has become much more to me and my family over the last 4 years since our church has its largest community/regional outreach for the year on the 4th of july (well this year it was on july 3rd but you get where i'm going, right?! smiles), so the 4th of july means that lives will be changed...

I Love America is a huge day of fun that began at 10:30am when we arrived at the grounds, and God blessed us with an awesome parking spot. now i realize that may not seem like a big deal but when you have tons of stuff to tot along with the entire Posse of Kiddos, getting to park closer to the main field area is a big deal. and we made it to the perfect spot not far from the main platform and we got our canopy/screened tent up right before my assigned time to volunteer at 11am. so i left our rowdy bunch in the capable hands of my Amazing Man and headed out to volunteer my time and energy for the Kingdom!! it wasn't too glamorous, but servitude never is, is it? and it is not about me but entirely about God, can i get an Amen?! :) it was really fun, i had the privilege of working out of our prayer tent and walking the grounds and through the crowd helping families get their areas set up, visiting with the guests, being there to talk and welcome everyone and assisting in a tangible by carrying things for overwhelmed parents to saying a prayer with them for a needing weighing down their heart.
(the view outside our screened tent. my Man and my sister-in-law visiting. that's the main platform behind them!!! :) )

when my shift was over it was time for my Man to head out to serve as parking security for a few hours so the kids and i had a late afternoon snack and headed out to the many (and i mean lots) inflatables and games for an afternoon of jumping, climbing, running, skipping, laughing, i could go on. it was fun, tiring but much fun.

as early evening was upon us we made our way back to the tent for some snacking and resting just as some awesome bands made it to the stage. if you haven't listened to the band Press Play yet, do it now!!! killer band with a heart for the Lord, great! we also listened to The Afters, who were just as great and completely worth checking out.

me and my one true love!!! he says we have no pictures together, so this was my quick pic after a long day of glistening in the sun, isn't he handsome?!! love, love, love him more than words...

the main reason for this entire day of family fun was next... our fabulous choir and praise band tore it up in an outstanding praise & worship set and then our passionate team of pastors shared the gospel with the over 120,000 people in attendance!! i was also volunteering as an altar worker and had the wonderful privilege of praying with a glorious young woman as she accepted the Lord as her Savior for the first time.... what a paramount moment to be involved in and used by God! i just have to say that this time with her made the day entirely worth it. i am extremely excited to have this time with my Man and the POK and all fun memories we made but this time i spent praying with this beautiful woman was the purpose of I Love America! there were 121 people that had the courage and conviction to step out of the crowd and accept the gift of life that Jesus so freely gives ! wonderful....

and then the fireworks! WOW! it was extravagant to say the least, with the harmonious choir and orchestra narrating each explosion of color! the kiddos were mesmerized and i was pulled in completely as well. and even though we were tired and worn by the time we pulled into our garage at 11:05pm, with three sleepy kiddos it was such a blessed day. it was a perfect day. thank you Lord for days like these with one blessing after another! i am truly thankful to live in this amazing country that allows me the freedom to worship God freely.

this was our crazy group.. all tents are down by 7pm so that everyone can see the platform, so we're chillin' in our lawn chairs and on blankies. lil' 'Lou-Who' is just behind my Man, just in case you were wondering: 'where is that cute girlie?'

i pray independence day was fun-filled and overflowing with blessings for you.... leave a comment and let us in on your holiday!

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