Thursday, February 25, 2010

my random thoughts....

how shameful that now at home full-time i can't even find the time to post my ponderings and the activities of this Blessed household... so let me give you a rundown of my random thoughts for the last week:

i have been busy organizing my home (constantly) just in case a realtor calls without warning to show the house (which happens frequently), and while i am not trying to be a whiner (honest!) it is simply exhausting to keep the laundry down to one small-ish pile and the floor gleaming! but oh how blessed to have this home that God has provided out of His vast amounts of grace, thankful that i have a home to clean, a place to rest our head...

it is a work in progress (literally..) to find a routine that is conducive to working at home... if any of you wonderful friends have ideas for me about how to be more productive & organized, i will happily take some advice here!! big 'K' and i were out all last friday meeting with clients, talking about MLM to businesses that will benefit from reaching moms here in Fly Over Country, we had a fun lunch at the pizza place together, and while we worked late into the afternoon it was incredible to have 'K' with me (and the big kiddos were at school, just in case you were wondering :) )

i went to a really fun pampered chef party last week, i bought the coolest bamboo spoons... i know i'm nerd but i so love to cook and so i'll find happiness in the small things!! i am going to have my own party soon, probably before we move since our new home will most likely not host huge groups (but maybe it will... i shouldn't put limits on what God can provide for us, huh?)

we are still waiting (working on patiently waiting) for our home to sell... lots of buyers through to see it, and very good feedback, however nothing yet. i won't lie to you, i've had moments of worry, irritation, grumbling, faith & trust; regardless i know that i know that i know God has brought us to this place in our walk with Him and He doesn't just walk off and leave me hanging! our home will sell in His time, we are praying and seeking Him through all this, i will rejoice & serve Him no matter what, and can't wait to see His provision! (if you would like to add us to your prayer list regarding our home selling, i would be so super thankful!!)

praying a lot for little Layla Grace... my heart is broken for them, asking God to work a supernatural miracle for this sweet girl. remember them today when you praying...

'P' has been doing fantabulous in school (not that he's ever done badly, just to clarify) and really enjoying his homeroom this year. he's in the school spelling bee tomorrow morning so that's exciting... he played on two basketball teams this year, one already ended and this next week is the last week for the timberwolves (tear... sniffle). these boys have been playing competitively for a long time and since they are headed to junior high next year this will be their last games together. we had a great season and have been very blessed to be apart of this group of boys & parents. however 'P' was asked to join another competitive team for the spring and summer, so that will be a great experience and excited to see him develop his skills even more... i so love being this kid's mom!!

my lil' Lou-Woo girlie is totally rockin' it in regards to school!! she is wicked smart and an incredible reader, and she is just blowing it up. straight A's (she's always had A's, but again just clarifying:) ) and even an A+!! so proud, but you can't tell at all can you?! hee hee... she played on a basketball team this winter as well, and she improved so much from last year. she was a much better shooter and she handled the ball great! while this isn't her sport of choice, not that any is, she did a wonderful job and it was good exercise if nothing else :) Girlie isn't playing the piano right now, we're on hiatus, but it will be making a reappearance soon much to her dislike. we're trying to find a hobby or interest that she'd like to pursue & develop, other that perfecting her caring for babydoll skills :) she is the love of my heart... my little mini-me :)

here's 'K' dancing with bubba's robot (which he so loves more than all the popsicles in the world!! and that's saying a lot 'cause he loves "sicles"!)... yes he is still in his jammies, which consisted of the shirt he fell asleep in the evening before & his batman underwear... cute!! this picture will reappear later on in the teenage years as a potential source of embarassment i'm sure :)

...i am fairly certain that my eyeballs are going to pop right of my head due the amount of sinus pressure i am experiencing

...wishing there were more hours in the day to get my to-do list completed winter ever going to be over?! i promise if i see one more forcast with snow or freezing rain in it, well... i might officially lose it!!

what else?.... hhhhmmmmm..... i'm racking my brain for anything else of importance i can share......

oh! 'K' decided to climb 'P's book shelves the other day.... and let's just say they might have fallen down on him. thankfully there were no injuries from the crash and i needed something new to clean up right then, so it all worked out.... except he then went downstairs and found the cinnamon & sugar shaker and proceeded to sprinkle the entire kitchen, dining room & living room with it... nice, huh?! who is supposed to be watching this kid?! geez.. but i wouldn't want to be anywhere else and i love him all the way to the rainbow & back!!

i think that's all, i do cross my heart that i'm going to complete my nutrition post this week as well as a post on how we prepared our house for sale & ways we saved money; maybe this will give you some inspiration:)

For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4.16-17

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


And so, our lives are meant to be listened to, because it is God who is speaking into and out of and through the symphony of the years, and the masterpiece of a lifetime." ~Michael Card

i love looking back and standing in awe of all of God's fingerprints covering my days & weeks, and all the moments inbetween...

i promised you last week that i would give you giant praise reports about the ways that God has been smudging up the windows of my life with His miracle-working hands

so as not to disappoint.........

without further delay........

are you tired of waiting yet?

is your patience wearing thin?

okay, okay, okay.....

...well.... today is my 2nd official day as a stay-at-home mama!! that's right, baby!! are you jumping up and down as you read this?!! i'm doing cartwheels (okay, not really... but you get the gist of my excitement) as i write this!! it feels amazing to say, so i'm gonna say it again: i no longer have to get up each day (monday-friday) and hurry my babes around, just to drop them with another mom who can do drop-off for school or drop the babe at the nanny's house, worry that i'll be late for a sales meeting if one of the big kiddos misses the bus, use vacation days when the kids have a snow day, or stress about missing too much work if someone wakes with a fever... nope!!! i no longer juggle a career in the midst of being super-mama to my Posse of Kiddos and Mrs.Amazing to my Man!

wow!! have you been around here long enough to know my heart's desires? that for so long i have yearned to be home 100% of the time, without distractions of budgets & sales quota...

mid-december i was having meetings with management at my former (yea!!) workplace about their need for me to be more "engaged".... and without boring you to pieces with details, my Man and i began pressing in deeper with God and His plans for our family, spending time fasting and seeking the Lord and our desire to have Him provide for us, however He wanted to do that.

what we did know was i was supposed to be at home with our kids and not send them to some after-school program or more time at the nanny's; this was a walk of faith and we didn't know what to expect but we know God is good and does good, agree?

without warning God brought us not just one option or even two options but a whole handful of opportunities to work from home, on my time according to what is best for our family!!

hello?!?!! the Lord does not disappoint... even at times in my life when i have felt doubt or disappointment, He has never left me or let me down!

i sought God, we knew His will, we waited on His timing (which quite frankly is just as important to knowing God's will, in my experience), continued fasting & praying & believing the provision would come.... and look! God brought me more than i asked for, bigger and better than i expected to get.... not because i'm some great saint without imperfections, not hardly ma'am, but Jesus is faithful to His word that if i seek him i will find Him!!

i am a stay-at-home mama, the VP of the household, the home-based sales consultant, the head chef, chief laundry expert, child chauffer, God-praising, sinner saved by grace, work-in-progress wife, daughter of the Most High King....

i'm blessed of the Lord!! thankful for this miracle, this answered prayer... truly excited about what's to come (a sold home soon!!! i pray...) because when we serve the Lord of All Creation, the best isn't behind us

but is yet to happen!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it's gonna be great!

so our home is completely refreshed and updated... people have come and seen the freshly painted walls, plush carpet in shades of woven baskets, and new slate tiles. hopefully they've overlooked the dust that keeps coming back to blanket my tv and shelves, it really doesn't matter how many times i wipe it just keeps returning uninvited.

and how do fingerprints magically reproduce on the fireplace doors and coffee tables? honestly?!!

and i know that i just cleaned those blasted stainless steel appliances!! please potential home buyers, just ignore my babe's sticky finger residue.... i swear that i'll clean it before you move in!!

and we have taken the tahoe filled with excited kiddos to adventure out to peek inside of homes, as well. i have been diligently praying & fasting for God to give us a sense of 'home' when we see the house that He has prepared just for us. i haven't had that yet, so our new home is still out there.

i find it amazing to know that God is working this all out, in the perfect time in order to put us in the place that He has specially chosen... no detail has escaped His notice. WOW!!

while i have had moments since we listed (it's only been 10 days but it feels like sooo much longer) of discouragement, i also have felt Jesus very close just holding my hand and leading down this road... i am so thankful for all those that have emailed, commented, called and offered their words of love and are lifting up prayers on our behalf. the Lord responds and is moved to work in our hearts and situations when we press into Him... i am truly grateful to know that others are joining us on this journey into a brand new chapter of life.

additionally, i have so many exciting happenings to share with you, to remind you that when you pray God moves... but i can't tell you just yet, sorry. but it is totally worth it to keep checking in on us and i promise that you will be encouraged and your faith will be built when you hear about the other areas God is providing in our life.

i would be ever so privileged to pray for your situation, or i would love love love to hear about a recent praise report in your life.... give God all the glory, right?!! leave a comment or email me ( )

"because He bends down to listen, i will pray as long as i have breath" Psalm 116.2 (nlt) WOW!!