Monday, July 19, 2010

Not Me! Monday

feeling bad because you took the kids swimming instead of cleaning the house? have you only made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch like 8 days in a row?

well, don't sweat it!! Not Me! Monday was designed by MckMama as a way to air out less than perfect moments as girls & moms and live to tell about it! wanna play, too? great! just head over to MckMama's blog and link up.....

let's get started on all the things i most certainly did not do:

during a recent basketball game for mr.'P', and he was tearin' it up by the way, i was just cheering my little heart out for the boys. and as my son brought the ball down the court, picked up his dribble at the 3 point line and hurriedly took the shot while being pushed off balance, he did not miss the shot.... and i did not "air ball!" him from the bleachers, nope! i would never tease my son teenage son in front of so many other boys and spectators, never! and he did not give me the "look" and then smile at me as he ran down the court to get back on defense.

(and if you're thinking to yourself right now what a horrible mom i must be, then you'll have to get over it because i am very close to my oldest boy and he knows that i love him, promise... if i had actually done this...)

i made breakfast for dinner the other night (yum-o!) and i was whisking together the rue for my gravy. and as it thickened up and i went in for the taste test, i did not almost spit it back out into the pan because it tasted so bad. so i did not toss it out, only to make up another batch that i still didn't like, but the family approved... whatever

the garage is still piled high with junk, okay not junk, just stuff i don't want any longer but i'm sure that others will love, so it's garage sale time!! i was working in the garage this last week to clean off, sort and price all the bajillion items. but big 'K' kept coming outside, which would have been fine if he didn't break something in the garage sale pile every stinkin' time he came out! ahem.... so i heard the door open again:

'K': ma! i wanna apple (which was actually a nectarine, but no big!)

me: oh my goodness! is it not possible to just play with your brother & sister for just 10 minutes!

'K': apple!!!! pleez!!

me: fine! but i swear after i cut this up you better sit down and eat it instead of coming out here every 2 seconds, okay?

-as i'm walking to the door, the nectarines all fall out of the bag to the floor--

me: (exasperated) aaaggghhh!! get inside, please! (i pick up the nectarines and scoot the babe inside) come on 'K', now we have to wash these.

and i slammed the door behind me because it sticks something awful... then the screaming began... horrible screaming.... i did not accidently slam the child's fingers in the door... oh my goodness!! i did not feel like the biggest heel in the whole world and sit & cuddle my toddler for over an hour while we had an ice compress on his little fingers. i did not self-loath for hours after and vow to check for small fingers every single time that door is open.... thankfully the cute little middle finger on his left hand is just fine, not that it got smashed or anything.... bad mommy

well, i do feel a little better and hopefully you got a couple giggles at my expense :)

tonight i will announce the 2 winners of the 'jewelry portrait' giveaway plus you'll have a chance to order your own at a special price!!

many Monday blessings!

an intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. proverbs 18.15

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