Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my random tuesday thoughts....

so you might have noticed that my blog background was all sorts of bijiggity, and just after i launched the redesign, geez!! but all is back to black, white and pink... just as the world is supposed to be!

i have been busy non-stop since last week's birth control & precious unborn babies post, but no comments...hhhmmm, just don't want to say something hateful or you didn't get a chance to read it yet? well, click here to read for the first time if you missed it

so i finally had the garage sale on saturday! praise the Lord!! i can't even begin to tell you how incredibly happy i am that it is over. i am not a garage saler, nor do i like having garage sales. we did pretty good on the money side of it, but mostly i got rid of a ton of stuff!! plus i have several bags of clothes left to go donate at the local woman & children's shelter, but most importantly my Man has his beloved garage back. you should have seen him! it was like a kid in a candy store putting all his tools and such away... so cute

my lil' Girlie came back from church camp on saturday afternoon too!! yay! i missed her and her sweet smile... she has given me a good topic to write about as well, and i'll share soon... don't miss it! (she was on the red team, so she's all painted up still! and her team won 1st place too!!)

what else?..... oh! i finally saw the movie The Blind Side this past weekend and it was wonderful!! love it, love it, love it!! my sister (in law) said that i channel the mom (played by sandra bullock) and i have to say, other that driving around in a mercedes, i'd have to agree :)

i've been putting the finishing touches on one of the 'jewelry portraits' for one of my blessed readers who won it.... it is pink and beautiful and i can't wait to ship it to her later this week.

you want to order one? fantastic!!! send me an email at and i'll have it done and shipped in 7 business days and all for 18.00 (plus shipping)

and finally you'll get to see the new house!! yep! at 9p CST you'll get part 1 of the tour... there might be a giveaway involved but i'm not going to say for sure, so swing by...

love ya'll!!

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