Friday, July 16, 2010

i've got my groove back!

i am alive!! i know, i know, it has been an entire month since i last blogged, and i have so much stored up inside that i just might burst!! if you have been following me on Twitter, then you've been pretty much up-to-date with all events here, such as: packing, closing on houses, unpacking, basketball, pool, fatigue, rearranging for the millionth time, and so on.....

so yes, we sold our beautiful home on june 25th and that same afternoon signed the papers to purchase our new home. if you want a recap on our new home, i'll get there, promise!! and it has been absolute chaos since that day!! last minute issues with buyers, filling up a 24' truck two times to get everything moved and then fitting everything from a 2200 sq.ft. home into a 1500 sq.ft. home is proving to be a challenge....

however, here is our life in a few briefs photos over the last month! enjoy....

our new home is in between two parks! yes, we live smack in the middle of town now, instead of our backyard view being a cow pasture, but it honestly is even quieter outside than at the old house (aside from the ambulance sirens every now & again). but one of the super fun perks of our home is how close to the parks, the pool we are, and 'P's favorite: the locally owned donut shop!!

here's my lil' Lou-Woo Girlie playing and i swear that she gets more beautiful every single day!

big trees!! our home has 6 very large, old trees that are perfect for climbing.... this cute face was captured climbing trees while playing at the park though.... he's so stinkin' adorable and all that curly blonde hair, oh i just love it!!!

we are at the pool A LOT! ok, we weren't at the pool at all the first week we moved, and we might have gone during week 2 had it not been storming some every day!! geez, is it april showers in july?! but thankfully, it has cleared off this week and been very hot, so we have been living it up poolside....

our oldest, mr.'P', is always playing some sort of sport. he is very blessed with athletic talents, thanks be to God!! and since he is headed to jr. high this year (tear...) he had an opportunity to play on the junior high basketball team for a shootout tournament. they did amazing, playing teams from all over the area. we were incredibly proud of him and his hard work!

(he's the one in the front to the right, during warm-up drills before their 8:20am game.... which wouldn't have been so bad except this was day 3 of the tournament and last game from the night before didn't get over until 10:45pm!!)

and while we've been at the park, the pool and playing lots of basketball, there was SO much preparation for moving. have you moved recently? then you can relate to utter chaos that engulfs your existence has you pack up every scrap of your life and try to find a box to stick it in.

that last week prior to moving was hard for us: not only were we all a little teary still about leaving our home but my Man had a business trip that had been scheduled for months & months, so there was not any getting around the fact that he would be leaving that saturday morning the 19th and not return until 2 hours before closing on friday the 25th!!
so while i was doing this..... Man had meetings with this man (yes, that's Jeff Gordon!) all the places on the planet, he was here....

...oh yes!! he was at Disney World!! is my jealously seeping through your screen?! we had planned on escorting daddy down to florida, but with the move it wasn't even the tiniest bit possible. darn!

nevertheless, we survived that week without my Man around to help me with all the last minute preparations, but much thanks to my mama and my brothers & sisters-in-law... i got our new home painted that week and pretty much everything at the old homestead packed up.

but why is it no matter how well you think you've done in packing and organizing, that when everyone shows up to graciously help you in loading up the truck (twice...) that you "find" all these little things that you forgot about?! and with people calling your name from upstairs and downstairs asking "what do i do with this?" and "does this go in a car or get packed into the truck?" it feels that much more stressful..... and not to mention the crabbiest, most ungrateful buyers on the planet that decided to display there nastiest for all to see that day, too... but i'm not even going to tell you that story because then my hateful side will emerge and i'd like this post to be mostly 'cakes & pies' for you dear readers!!

so we got moved that very warm friday evening and had everything into our new home by midnight....

we had a birthday our first week here!! it was baby Big 'K's third birthday!! oh, how did he get so big? we had a toy story themed birthday, completed with a large buzz lightyear balloon floating around our home for days :)

here's sweet boy blowing out the candle on his birthday cupcake (we had his big party with family at nana's house the next day)....

and it is a tradition that began with 'P's first birthday, when they're little and don't have much of a say, we have a cheeseburger at mc-d's....

isn't his faux hawk hair-do just awesome?! i did actually have it cut that way because i think he wears it splendidly!

but before the birthday, before the move and before the paint, this was what my family room looked like... i so love the big picture window

and this is one of my bathrooms with its original 1961 pink floor tile (which i just adore, by the way!) and the original 1961 wallpaper (which i don't hate but can't wait to change!)

isn't it cute? can to see another sink in the back? there is a pocket door between them because there's a door from the master to the tub/sink/toliet area so we can have our privacy and if kids or guests need to wash up, brush their teeth or fix there hair they can still do that! neat, huh?

and here was my kitchen/dining prior paint and such.... it is now two delicious shades of purple and i can't wait for ya'll to see it

so in a nutshell that was what the last month consisted of... well i do have a video post for you that will walk you through the house now that i've had three weeks to organize, paint some more, decorate and re-organize again...

i've also been spending much time in the Word and in prayer, writing and trying to keep my thoughts positive. it has been a challenge to stay in a 'cupcakes & pie' sort of place when it's all a mess and there is a long list of things that need updated or fixed in a 50 year old home, but i am beginning to feel like this is "our home" and being home with my kiddos is such a wonderful blessing, even when it's hard

i have also been working on some crafts and sewing projects and i would love to reward one of you!!

here's a sneak peek....


good!!! there's a post prepped and scheduled for tonight at 9p cst and you can see the prize and enter to win!!

i can't wait to start reconnecting with everyone again and i have several posts i've been preparing that i want to share with you, so swing by tonight and enter to win!!!!

love ya much!

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  1. What happened to the next scheduled post????

    I had to stop reading about 1/2 way through when I saw your hubby with Jeff Gordon. I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I saw that. :P Your poor hubby.

    Oh ya...and that is some CRAZY pink tile! And *gulp* WALLPAPER!!!