Saturday, July 17, 2010

pretty, pretty, pretty things!!! giveaway

**so incredibly sorry that this post didn't, uumm.... well, post! so here it is! and because i feel totally guilty, i will be choosing 2 winners!!**
i am as girlie as it gets!! i love all things pink, purple, glittery and sparkly!! i have a total addition to jewelry! i admit it, i am a shopaholic when it comes to a sale on silver hoops and big, dangly babbles from which to adorn my ears, neck, wrist and fingers.
so how do i organize all of these beautiful babbles?

well, i had this old, ugly frame and an old screen lying around... then i had a creative thought....

so i made myself a 'jewelry potrait' and i just love it! and so then another creative thought came to mind: i could create and personalize 'jewelry portraits' for family and friends and anyone who might want one....

would you like a gorgeous way to show off your jewelry, coordinated with your bedroom or bathroom? great!!! i would love to reward some awesome reader with a sparkly 'jewelry portrait'...
so pass it on to your friends and simply leave me a comment telling me what colors you'd like to see in your 'jewelry portrait'...

comments will be closed by midnight cst on sunday night!! leave your comment now :)


  1. I would love to see a bright pink! but white would also look great as well!


  2. Ooh, I would love to see a mint blue green or a lovely lavender!!!!!Ooh, I also really like light pink and lilac.
    This is a terrific idea!!! Very cool!

  3. I love this are so creative! I wold love to see this in blues and browns

  4. I love that frame. I actually looked at it Friday night whilst babysitting your kiddos. I would love to have an aqua, white, and black one. It would look splendid in my bathroom. I think your pretty...and my birthday is Thursday. I'm just sayin...

    Melissa Ingwerson
    "the best sister-in-law ever"

  5. so cute!! i would like lime green and blues!!!

    Angela Ingwerson