Monday, July 19, 2010

do you just love it?!

okay, you have to tell me what you think.... do you love it? the new layout and pictures? is it easier to navigate and read? because i am so happy with it, not perfect yet, but liking it even more than before!

i want you lovely people who stop by to enjoy this blog as much as i love writing it. i have always been a "writer" of sorts as far as journaling, short stories for my kiddos and some plays & such for church; but putting all my thoughts, opinions, questions and personal walk out for all to read has been a challenge but i love it! i love sharing my parenting victories and failures, putting up the cute pictures of my babes and giving you a window into how are family does life.

so as i grow in my walk with the Lord, mature as a wife and as i am daily perfecting my mothering skills, i want to encourage others in their faith that God is with us! we are blessed to be a blessing to others, not to try to be "an island unto ourselves" so if in some small way you leave this place uplifted, then i know i'm doing exactly what God has for me at this time... which is a wonderful privilege and honor to do life with you!

and without further delay, let me announce the two winners of the 'jewelry portrait'.....

out of the five entries, i let the geniuses as chose the winners, so don't blame me :)

and the winners are angela i. and meeyeehere!! okay girls, send me an email ( so i know where to ship your 'jewelry portrait', the colors you definitely want and just a few little extras that i'll ask about....

this was so fun!! so glad you all came to play.... if you're sad that you didn't win, don't worry! you can also contact me ( to order your own personalized 'jewelry portrait' for just $12.00 plus shipping, but this discount (originally $18.00 w/ shipping) is just for the other three gals that entered.... but please pass it on to your other friends, i'd love to create for whoever!!!

tomorrow i'll have the part 1 of the video tour through our new home!! i'd love you input on some rooms that just need that "something" extra!

be blessed!!! the best is yet to come!!


  1. Yay!@!!!! I love you!!! Yay!!! I sent you an email!

  2. im soooo excited!!! and the site looks great!!!!