Tuesday, October 6, 2009

if i only knew then...

some things i wish someone had told me when i first became a mama:

  • the fact that you will unexpectedly break out in tears for no apparent reason is totally normal, and by letting yourself have a good cry you'll feel better!! who knew?!
  • that it will infact take you close to forever to get out the door to just go to the grocery store for a couple of things. and even though the trip is short, you'll still feel compelled to pack everything the baby owns!!
  • every older women you meet or that is related to you in some form will feel it their eternal obligation to give you advice and rules for raising this new little person... and doing it any other way is obviously showing your complete inexperience. (this was a biggie for me and would have liked the heads up so i could have simply run away with my cute little baby boy in towe!)
  • to sleep when the babe is sleeping. okay people did actually tell me this but what do they know... oh how i wish i had listened, 'cause by the time #2 baby came it wasn't possible to sleep due to the cute 3 year old running around and i didn't even attempt to nap when #3 arrived, which would explain why i've been walking around in a sleep-deprived state for close to 12 years now...
  • you can not spoil a baby!! don't believe the hype that holding them when they cry or are tired with spoil them. hello?!! the baby is just that a baby and needs much love and caring and it totally irks me when i hear people say to just let a 1 month old "cry it out". sorry, i guess i'm kinda touchy on that one and didn't even realize it!!
  • take care of yourself, really. even if it is just to take a long shower, run to get coffee and sit in your car and read, by yourself, but a few moments alone each day or week will keep you sane and contribute to you being the absolute bestest mama for your babe. these moments sponsored by daddy, grandparents, friends, siblings, whoever loves your babe and you so you can relax for 30 minutes!!
  • never stop growing and learning. you are a mother and it has just begun so pick up books on how to care for colds & sickness with natural medicines, learn how to make homemade babyfood, practice sewing (this will so come in handy later), how to make a point in 30 seconds (this is a great book and will also be useful in dealing with your kiddos later on!!), whatever will make you be best for your family. it is unfortunate, in my humble but biased, opinion that as moms/wives we can find a grove that works, which is great, but we always stay there unwilling to try and best ourselves or dig in and learn more. i personally want to always be growing and trying new things, i.e. foods, music, paint colors, projects, parenting strategies, etc., because if i know better then i will do better for my husband and kids. ahem... sorry, another lengthy rant explanation of myself. smiles :)
  • take moments to write down those cute expressions the baby did on his 33rd day of life!! or write it down when their 8 years old, you'll never remember all the memorable stuff later on... remember sleep-deprivation?! blogs are great for this, as well as cute baby books!!
  • the biggest, most important piece of this mothering puzzle that i look back and wish someone had talked with me about: none of this matters if Jesus isn't the Lord of your heart!! i'm not talking about just believing there is a God in Heaven, serving Him when it's convenient for us busy moms, going to church just to get out of it what you need, but i'm talking about totally selling out, surrendered to the Lord.

i have grown and learned much since i first gave birth to Masta 'P' (i still giggle when i write his alias!!) and i pray that i never stop!! how in this lifetime could i ever know all there is to know about my God and Savior?! but this one aspect is crucial in experiencing all that the Lord designed for us as His daughters raising up a generation! if we as moms are not fully surrendered to living out our salvation and love for Christ in our marriage and parenting, then the trials that come (and they will come!! girls are calling my house now and asking for my son!!! i think i'm going to cry...) will take hold and steer your mothering in directions you don't want to go. if i knew then how awesome it was to be in the Lord's house serving and worshipping, how spending time with the Lord praying and seeking Him would fill me with joy unspeakable and wisdom not of my own, if...if.. if... i could if all day, it would have made my first couple years of parenting even more enjoyable than they already were. but then of course i wouldn't have this post for God to use me to speak about His love and plan for you today, would i?!

love you much!! spend time loving on God today and see how He uses that to speak His word of Life into you today!!

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  1. Just found you and wanted to say hi! beautiful family and great blog!