Monday, October 5, 2009

happy birthday to my beautiful girlie!!

it was 4:48am in a very cold, frigid is what my Man says, delivery room after 12 hours and 48 minutes of labor that my beautiful gift was born on Friday, October 5th in 2001.

i am absolutely in love my little girlie! she was such a blessing sent straight to me from the Lord above and i was so excited when she was finally delivered to be holding a piece of Heaven. she was so beautiful and tiny, only 17.5 inches long and a delicate 6 lbs 2oz. she was rather quiet and didn't cry much at all, except when they separated her from her mama. and when i held her for the first time, all swaddled in warm blankets with a cute pink hat on her head of full black hair, she looked at me and we were instantly in love with each other.

this must have been what it was like for my Man when 'P' was born and then with 'K', but i felt like i had this little mini-me that would want to be just like her mama, and the excitement and anticipation and weight of that hit me right off the bat.

it is funny how kids take on the attributes of their parents, and in our house that does ring true, lil' Lou-Who has lots of spunk, a voice that sounds like smurfette but with attitude and she can talk for hours about anything!!! i love that!! the boys in our happy home are usually content to give one and two word answers, grunt a little and move on: how boring! i ask lil' girlie how was school and we could be talking for the next hour. she has been this way since she was able to string together a few sounds. when she was only about 1 1/2 years old and i'd get on to her about something she would round on me and start pointing her finger and jabbering at me with baby attitude, and my response was she was blessed that i didn't know what she was saying 'cause it probably lead to a pop on the hiney!

(side note: this was want she wanted to do after school today, go pick out pumpkins!! so fun)

my girl has gotten much more shy as she grows, worried about being the center of attention but still wants to be involved, an absolute heart of gold, a deep inner desire to be the best at everything but not at the expense of others, she will help anyone, play with everyone, she is so amazingly beautiful and gorgeous on the outside like a mini supermodel but her heart is like sunshine and glitter with a love of Jesus and a soul that longs to just play in her room singing worship and reading books. no my sweet girlie isn't super athletic, unlike her mama, but to amuse me she plays basketball, well at least she runs the right direction which is all i was truly wanting :) !!!

what a privlege i have been given to raise a women after God's own heart. i am to show her how to live for God with all your heart, mind, body & soul, teach and show her what a Godly wife is all about, instill the Word deep in her heart, live out what a mama is to be and act and do. thankfully i have a huge, ever-present Savior to guide me and her.

everyone jokes that the hard years will be ahead: the arguments about clothes, boys, friends, curfew, i could go on but i don't want to, all those issues are a potential bomb zone. i mean, we already have battles over clothes, extra tv time, cleaning her room and more of the usual mom & daughter stuff. but i choose to savor the moments laying on her bed reading together, going on walks and playing at the park, painting our nails and her telling me about the 'kitty' game she played at recess and she got to be the mama kitty (giggle), watching her play on the swingset with her baby brother as she gently mothers him, or as she follows around her big brother like he's the best guy in the whole place, and as she dances on the feet of her daddy in the living room looking to him as the man she loves more than anything in the entire universe.

i love to remember how her hair looked when she was just 6 months with little pigtails sticking out the top of her head; that she used to crawl into bed with me in the middle of the night just to lay on my chest so she could "hear your heart beeping mama" and fall back asleep; cuddling her during one of her many, endless ear infections, singing gently to sooth her back to sleep; letting her put makeup on me and fix my hair and let me tell you over the years she's definitely progressed and her creative flair gives her the upper hand!

my lil' girlie, i love you so much my heart aches! God created you just for me and me just for you, forever and ever!!

happy birthday my sweet babe!!!

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  1. I very much remember the day/morning she was born. Very cold in that room--and I missed a brand new episode of Friends just to rush to see it all happen (well, maybe not ALL of it happen...thank you).

    And that is so your brother's daughter with her in one of the looks just like him (maybe she'll outgrow it). :)

    Give her an extra big hug and kiss from me.

    Lots of love...
    Ms. S