Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday with a giveaway!

so the kids wore their pajamas all day and ate cereal for breakfast and lunch.... you got halfway through your day at work and realized you were wearing two completely different color shoes or maybe the dishes have been sitting in the sink for 2 days and you are just using paper plates until you have the time to wash them... no big!! Not Me! Monday was created by friend and blogger MckMama as a way to air our dirty laundry and realize we're not the only super mom having an off week!!

would you like to see what i've most definitly not been up to this week? great!!!

while my cutie baby 'K' sat at the bar in the kitchen coloring and the big kids were reading, i did not plop down on the couch for the first time all day and eat a very large piece of rainbow cake for dinner. why would i do that? i had made a perfectly healthy dinner for the family and so i would never just put away the leftovers and devour a hefty piece of cake. i am way too concerned about being healthly 100% of the time to do that!

last monday was my sweet girl's birthday, so i did absolutely no work and just focused on home and birthday stuff!! so when tuesday rolled around i certainly did not go through my entire day, well until about 4p, truly believing that it was monday. nope!!! i did not forget about a meeting with a client or miss a pta meeting, i am so on top of everything all the time. if i had done this i would not be thinking i might need some serious

to continue the birthday celebration my lil' Lou-Who invited just a few girls to stay the night friday. our theme (cause ya gotta have a theme!!) was dance party!! once the babe was asleep and all the boys out of our home, the lights went out, the disco ball on and i did not, no way, dance up a storm with the girls for about an hour to high school musical 2 and 3 soundtracks!! and if i had done that i was not able to sing along to each song without missing a word!!

we had a great family weekend and went on a road trip sunday (except we did leave 'K' to play with his awesome uncle E and auntie M, and they all had an awesome time!!) to the KC Chiefs game... i am a chiefs fan by marriage and a cowboys fan by choice, so it was going to be fun! i was not the only one in my Posse decked out in blue and stars with the other 3 in all red, yellow and black. i would not ever cause such division on purpose...and if i had sported my cowboys attire i certainly did not have to explain over and over that "yes, of course, i'm with them and yes they do still love me all the same!" it was a quieter ride home than on the way there (cowboys won..sorry sweet family i really did want the chiefs to win just for you my Man!!) but a great time all the same; moments that we'll always remember that you just can't recreate...

and finally i did not host an awesome hand-poured candle giveaway and only have 2 of my peeps come out and play!!! (love you both ms.tonia and melissa)... so on the off chance you didn't see the giveaway, didn't know how to comment, or any other excuse and because i just love you all so much i am going to leave the comments open until 10p tonight CST for you to enter!!! just scroll down to the post below, read through and then leave your comment; simple huh? and ms.s, if you don't leave a comment then you're are so in for it!!! mwah!!

have questions about leaving a comment? well if you don't have a google, aim, or whatever ID then choose 'anonymous' but be sure to leave your name in your comment so i can enter your name.

if you would like to play in this fun Not Me! Monday blog carnival, then you should!! head over to read MckMama's instructions on linking up your post and i hope to read all the stuff you did not do!!

now keeping reading the next post about the giveaway, leave a comment, then feel free to hang out and read any of my other ponderings!! i'll announce the winner tomorrow afternoon!!


  1. I love it! You sound like alot of fun!!!

  2. Nice cake!!!!! I mean, nice dinner!!! lol