Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday... with a little sumthin' extra!

so what if you didn't get around to shower today (or yesterday), a ponytail counts right?! and so what if you're toddler threw a fit all throughout the trip to wal-mart, happens to every mom, and no need to feel bad for bribing them with a happy meal if they'll just please stop screaming!!! we all have those days, and Not Me! Monday was born of MckMama's idea to share our not so shining moments and not hide in shame!!
so what did i not do this week....
i did not forget that my cute girlie Lou-Woo had a piano lesson, just like she does every single week, nope!! and so for the second or third week in a row i certainly did not have to text our most amazing teacher and plead for an alternate time later in the week. i am so totally on top of everything... at least 'P' made it to his orthodontist appointment and to basketball practice, of course, because i never forget anything :)
and for the second week in a row, i did not "forget" it was tuesday and so i did not go to Lou-Woo's classroom to help her teacher with bulletin boards and what not. why would a person forget what day it was?!! i am so glad that i have it all together.
in an effort to get the dishes done and not have a sweet toddler hanging off of my hip,
i would never ever use a movie to hypnotize enlighten my baby 'K' for 30 minutes... okay maybe if i had done such a horrendous thing it might have been for an hour, but i didn't so i'm not panicking.
and i love my affectionate mammoth puppy, so i would not make my Man bathe him outside instead of the bathtub. i would never ask such a thing...especially since Magnus just loves to get a bath (not!) and it would be next to impossible to keep him in one place. i totally love cleaning dog hair out of the bath so it would be silly to have him bathed the semi-cold weather, that would be wrong...
i feel better, don't you?! i would love it if you'd join in, so click here to head over to MckMama's blog to link yours up!
and for all amazing readers who like free stuff, i have another Bonnots Mill candle giveaway (i have few extra of these lying around) for you tomorrow night, so swing back by for your sumthin' extra!!

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  1. I love your post! It cracked me up! :) I didn't do a not me post, but if you want to swing by my blog, I would love it anyways! :)

    Have a great day!