Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Would Your Child Say?! Wednesday

my Posse of Kiddos are always on the go and there are very, very few quiet moments around our home, which is really quite alright with me, when it's quiet i know that someone is doing something they probably should not be doing!!

so in the spirit of What Would Your Child Say!? Wednesday so wonderfully hosted by Family American Style let me fill you in on just a few of the conversations circulating around our home these days:

me: so 'P' did you go to library open check-out today to get new book? you know that next week is the deadline for AR (reading points system) and you need about 200 more pages..

'P': uh.. no i didn't have time to go.

me: so is there a plan? you have a goal to achieve so..

'P': reading for a grade is stupid and lame. we don't get graded on it the first quarter, so it's not a biggie.

me: yes it is a "biggie" (and yes i did the air quotes to emphasize the dumbness of that to my sweet child!!). i'm not concerned whether you get graded this quarter or not. you have a goal set by your teacher and you will accomplish it. so... again let's pick out a book today that you are commited to finishing by next wednesday.

'P': (after 20 seconds of no response, because this child is able to tune out others better that any other human being that walks the earth!!! ..ahem.. sorry) oh, yeah, i'm going to finish that basketball book i started a couple weeks ago because it is enough pages and is in my AR system. it will be no big deal, i'm already like 40 pages in.

me: (dumbfounded now) if you did have an idea then why didn't you just say that at the beginning of all of this instead of leading me to think you were blowing it off?! (just so confused because, well i'm the mama and know nothing, obviously...)

'P': i don't know... didn't think about it.

O MY GOODNESS!!! i love this boy, more than you could ever know, however he leaves out the details most of the time, like all tween boys, and i am expected to read the gray matter between his cute ears!?!! can you feel the frustration seeping out of the screen?

and my sweet girl (who is now 8 if you haven't heard!!!) is in meltdown mode everytime even the slightest thing doesn't go her way. she's a lot, overflowing smidge on the type A side of the spectrum.

me: okay, sis time to practice your piano. let me get 'K' situated with some toys and stuff so i can help you.

Loo-Who: (walking down the stairs, dragging her feet, with a definite whine in her voice that tells me drama is coming..) why do you make me play the piano? i didn't ask to play the piano, and i'm not that great at it, and i can't get me left hand to play as well as my right, and i don't want to practice for 30 minutes..(tears are falling in between each complaint) please don't make me do this now.

me: wow that was impressive to turn it on so quick this time without me having to say much at all. bravo! now sit please and let's do this..

i don't want to bore you with 5 more minutes of whining before she decides to suck it up and practice and play very well in fact. i simply remind myself that she will enjoy playing someday. i hope so because the whining is hurting my ears.

and finally cutie 'K' is so the talker!! he says "tank you, ma!!" everytime i hand him food or drink or his beloved binkie!! it is oober cute!! while outside yesterday he was edging himself too close to the road:

me: hey!! get your hiney back up the driveway. it's danger, right?!

'K': huh?

me: i said now!! move your hiney away from the road! do you need to go to the naughty spot?!!

'K': NO WAY!!! (as he scooted himself back up the drive!!)

these snipets brought to you by the most Blessed Mama to the greatest Posse of Kiddos ever!!! everyday is an adventure, Lord help me :)


  1. Gosh!!! I have the same situation with my son and the piano. The whining kills me! But then I catch him playing on this little $12.00 piano that we got for him when he was three years old. There is no justice. Great post.

  2. I SO remember the days of whining about practicing the piano -- but now I can play just about any "fun" song I can find the sheet music for (well, okay, in the BC years, before children, I could...maybe still can? dk) My point is that it's a long road of practicing, but it's SO WORTH it!
    Here's an idea -- maybe you can find some sheet music to some favorite Disney movie's song (they make them even for beginners, you know -- check out Jefferson music store on Elm and Kimbrough) as a reward for after the practicing her "lesson" music; that makes it seem fun to play the piano. Because if she keeps on practicing, it will all be fun -- I promise! :)