Thursday, October 8, 2009

seeing orange

have i said that i just love fall? well, i do!!! i love that my home smells like spice & pumpkins right this very minute, yum-o. i just feel all comfortable and cozy with cinnamon scented pine cones arranged ever so neatly on the dining room table and on the buffet in the kitchen. 'K' is amazingly good about not touching mama's stuff, he is constantly walking around and pointing at my decor and saying "that mama's pretty, no no for baby". how cute?! and yes, he calls himself baby most of the time, it's pretty stinkin' sweet!!

so in the spirit of autumn.... the Posse and i went hunting for our pumpkins!!

we made the trip to pick out our pumpkins on lil' Lou-Who's birthday, and it was ever so much fun!! no, we didn't make it out to the patch itself (maybe next week) but we were still surrounded by a zillion pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, the many shades of orange were making us dizzy, thankfully there were bales of hay to rest upon and several small gourds to trip over as i pulled the wagon.

my personal favorite when it comes to choosing a pumpkin are the fairy tale pumpkins... it is right out of a storybook, and 'P' was trying to simply find the biggest one he could find that was in the 2 for $5.00 category, and Lou-Who decided that she didn't care as long as i let her pull the wagon!!! seeing how it was her birthday i relented and she was thrilled... until we took out a pile of gourds, then mama got to take over. oh well, nothing cracked or exploded so we called it good!

and needless to say 'K' was content to ride along and let me snap pictures of him in the wagon until he was seeing spots but eventually he did escape and throw himself into the fun of pumpkin hunting!!

do you love the change in seasons as much as me? would you like your home to smell yummy and pumpkin spicey? how would you like me to send you an amazing, high quality autumn spice candle from a fabulous boutique for your home? you would be ever so honored to have the same type of extraordinary candle burning in your home sweet home?!! well then you'll need to stay tuned this weekend, and invite your other friends to join in on the fun, 'cause a giveaway is just around the corner...

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