Saturday, October 10, 2009

it's giveaway time!!!!

UPDATE: i have now closed the comments on this post... i will happily announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow evening, so stay tuned!!!
who doesn't love the light of a flickering candle in a dim living room in the evening as you lounge around reading a that sounds great and maybe if you're up to taking my kiddos for the evening i might be able to enjoy some embiance like that.

but even with the constant chatter of a toddler, the clicking of my mammoth puppy running through the house with the white noise of a random television show i still so love the atmosphere that having candles lit in my house brings. along with the aromatic scents that create a yummy, cozy feeling that i just treasure.

i told you guys to stay tuned for a giveaway/contest, my first here on my blog!!! i'm really excited to share with you all!! and you will love the prize...

many of the candles throughout my home are from a fabulous little boutique,
Flame and Flair, that i frequent often to find my choice candles & scents, beautiful jewelry, hard to find gifts and amazing clothing!! so if you live here in Fly Over Country along with me you can shop in the store itself, but if you can't just visit their website by clicking here...

so like i said, these Bonnots Mill Candles are wonderful, spectacular candles and i am totally in love with the pumpkin spice and the autumn spice!!! pumpkin spice is the one pictured here and it fills every square inch of my home with the scents of autumn!!

so do you want one? great!!! i would love to send one to you! one blessed reader will get the candle scent of their choice (i absolutely adore the lilac scent too) and there are a million choices! the owner and i are good friends at this point (she's great!! wonderful sister in Christ) and she even created a scent for a customer that smelled like dirt... yes i said dirt. 'P' thinks it is the best, but no i have not purchased that one. hee hee :)
so all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite season is and why and you're entered to win!! easy, huh?! would you like to get your name in the drawing twice? of course you do!! well sign up to follow me on Twitter and you're in two times to win a superb candle! i promise i don't give you 15 tweet updates in one day, unless you'd like me to... and if you're not into getting updates via text message on your phone you don't have to, no biggie!! just check your Twitter page once day to see what i've been up to in between posts and find all the other people in Twitter that you'd like to stalk check in on too!! just check out my updates here on the right side bar and click on the link to get sign up!! just be sure if you sign up on Twitter that you tell me that in your comment so you're entered twice.

so invite some your of other friends to come over and play as well and i can't wait to hear from you!! i'll leave the comments open through Sunday evening and i'll announce the winner in my Not Me! Monday post....

be blessed!!

p.s. flame and flair boutique isn't paying or endorsing this giveaway/contest, i just love her shop and want to bless one of you readers with an awesome gift :) just in case any one was wondering..


  1. my favorite season is the fall, I love the chill in the air...wearing my favorite sweatshirt....and watching football games!

  2. my fav season is fall because i love the trees changing colors!! ... melissa

  3. Okay- I have been a little busy to keep up with everyone that I'd like to or even have much time to enjoy my favorite season- Fall! But, with your extension I have now caught this in time for a try! I love fall for crisp, chilly air; hot, tasty drinks; deep, rich colors; and sweet, spicy smells! Soooo, that candle would be a perfect addition to my fall!

  4. This is me not commenting. :)

    And you know very well that my favorite season is WINTER--but only if it snows. Otherwise, it might be Fall...but I am having to reconsider since I cannot open the windows due to Bubble Boy and his issues. :)

    Love you!
    Ms. S

  5. I think I love them all. Fall because of football and Thanksgiving food! Winter cause of Christmas and snow (if we get any here in the South). Spring because it's such a nice break after Winter. And Summer for the outside time! It seems like I'm always ready for the next one though!

  6. I love Summer!!! I love to go to the beach and swim! I love wearing shorts and sandals all the time!I live in Fl. can ya tell!!

  7. My favourite season isn't really a season...but I LOVE Indian Summer...not as hot as summer days (0r nites) and not as cold as Fall days (or nites!)

  8. I love spring! The tulips blooming, the trees flowering, the rain, and my favorite holiday- Easter.