Wednesday, April 14, 2010

forever & ever & ever

the first time i saw him we were sitting at opposite tables in the student union, supposedly studying for our next classes; it was our freshman year of college. as i pretended to struggle with my honors level trigonomtery just so i'd look cute chewing on my pencil & peeking at him out of the corner of my eye, i would catch him looking at me and smiling.

i can't explain it unless it has happened to you: that one your were meant for, that person that God created for you... but your heart leaps inside you and your souls connect creating a magnificent spark!

it took 11 months from that day before we ever had our first date (yes i remember our first date on December 14th!) and we made many mistakes to cause our relationship undue heartache after, but God was faithful to keep calling us back to Him....

i am immensely blessed to share my life with such an amazing man, my Man!! his wit and teasing is still very attractive to me, it keeps me on my toes; i adore his huge heart for God, for me & for our kiddos

at the end of each day when he comes in the door he wraps his strong arms all the way around me, kisses me & asks the loaded question "so how was your day?" knowing that its never a short answer and i can talk to him for 18 minutes straight about all my experiences & thoughts & he listens attentively with a smile on his face (because he's internally laughing that i can turn that simple question into a non-stop & lengthy response :); i am overflowing with pride for him & how hard he works to take care of our family; he is rational & very smart while that contrasts with my dreamy & imaginative tendancies; he is the leader of our family, our home, and i'd follow him anywhere!

honey, you are my dream man! this marriage we have is a wonderful & beautiful symphony that only God could create... and i give the next 60 years to Him to conduct for us and i trust that He will lead us to even greater places & deeper love for one another

i'm yours forever & ever & ever... happy anniversary!!

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