Monday, April 12, 2010

party on!!

birthday weekends are extraordinarily fun but completely exhausting.

our oldest kiddo, Master 'P', is now 12 years old... how is that even possible?! i'm really old enough to have a 12 year son?! in baby 'K's words "no way!!"

how could he be 12 when i was just holding him in my arms and patting him to sleep... he used to need me to read him stories, to help him brush his teeth, hold his little hand to cross the street... and now? well not so much.

i know, i know, this is the natural course of growing into being a teenager and eventually into an adult

by God's beautiful grace, P is growing into an awesome young man!!

his sense of humor is witty & on all the time, he is always on the move: riding his rip-stick or bike, he always has a basketball under one arm or is dribbling wherever he goes, he is sensitive to the needs of others and always seems to know when his sister & brother need some attention, he is totally okay being by himself but loves to entertain a crowd with a joke, he is a fan of KJ52 and Skillet, addicted to his PSP, a lover of the Lord, learning his place & purpose, he still gives me hugs and tells me he loves me

i want so much for him...

i mostly pray that he follows God with all that is in him, wherever it takes him, as long as he walks the path blazed by Jesus

while i am thoroughly exhausted after celebrating with his friends at Incredible Pizza (we were there for 3 hours and trust me 'K' was truly mad when i pryed him out of the game room), the next day spent playing on his new mountain bike, then all our family over for a barbeque (whew!! fun but tired...) and some yummy ice cream cake!! and a little Guitar Hero showdown :), it is completely worth it to celebrate that amazing day i became a very blessed mama 12 years ago...

happy birthday kiddo!! the best is yet to come... and i can't wait!!

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