Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me! Monday

are you embarassed that your beautiful toddler stomps her foot & spits when throwing a fit? or have you felt bad because dinner last night consisted of cereal & popcorn? no big!! this is what Not Me! Monday is all about, girl!

thanks to MckMama for creating and hosting such a fun & encouraging & humorous blog carnival :)

so what have i not done this week? hhhmmm.....

while cleaning up the backyard before 'K' and i went out to play & mow one afternoon, i was doing the ever fun chore of scooping puppy poop... and as i was shoveling scooping up after the mammoth great dane, i most certainly did not notice one of 'P's bouncy balls in the poop, perfectly intact... nope!! my dog would not ever eat the children's toys, never!

i am always gracious & kind and would never give a hateful look or comment... nope! so while out with my Man for date night on saturday evening, we were purusing for new wedding bands because my Man most certainly did not lose his while yanking a nasty fish out of the river & then also proceed to lose my band doing the same thing a few weeks later; he is the perfect husband and would never lose such meaningful & significant symbols of our commitment & love... ahem...

so while looking at a few bands with a very helpful man at the jewelry store, the woman who was also assisting us kept trying to shove these giant diamond bands at me... well, here's how the conversation went:

jewerly gal:(after i had looked at like eight several rings) this one would be beautiful with your ring!

me: oh no, that's too much "bling" for me, i just want something simple... i do like this one. (it was goregous, thin white gold with the most sparklelicious petit diamonds, nothing huge & goddy... just perfect)

jewerly guy: that is a beautiful choice and the curve in the band is very unique and would compliment your ring!

me: that's what i thought! honey what do you think?

my Man: it's perfect... i love it, do you?

jewerly gal: (rudely interjecting her thoughts) it's so pretty, but you know his new band would cost more than yours.... that doesn't seem right (of course she said this with a giggle & quick smile..) but that's just me

me: (i did not give her a glare and quick response because i am always kind, remember...) that doesn't really matter to me but i'm not shallow, so whatever....

needless to say, i would never think of then putting the ring down, graciously letting my husband get the info about the ring but then quickly leaving... what is wrong with people?! is it too much to ask you to keep your thoughts to yourself or what?!

i also have not just eaten hint of lime tortilla chips and blackberries all week with a side of homemade oatmeal cookies... it can't possibly be the only thing that has sounded good to my tummy this week, i am totally concerned about eating a well-balanced diet :)

okay, now that i have cleared my mama conscience and you hopefully have had a good laugh :) i'm going to go make brownies and start dinner, 'P' has a double-header tonight at the courts so early dinner :)

have a blessed evening and come back tomorrow for my thoughts on disciplining our sweet toddler 'K'.... can't wait to hear your thought :)

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