Friday, April 23, 2010

late night thoughts....

what have i accomplished & been thinking about this week? hhhmmm....

i did laundry & got it all hung up (it's the hanging it up part that bites when doing laundry isn't it)

i have swept & mopped the kitchen, dining room and living room like three times

i babysat a cute 7 month old; i played on the slides at the park with my 'K'; drew with sidewalk chalk & blew bubbles

prayed a lot; spent much time in the Word

hugged my kids; cheered as 'P' won his basketball games; typed up some blog posts but still haven't published them (can anyone say "procrastinator!"); did a little grocery shopping; sat on the front porch daydreaming about my new home

helped my Man pay bills; helped my Man cut our budget down some more; stopped at sonic for raspberry tea two times (but it was during the half-price happy hour, so it's like i only went once..)

did an Avon order while thinking ugly thoughts about the new distribution center filling my orders :) i know, i'm working on it...

made 4 beds each morning; did the dishes twice a day for several days & wondered how 5 people can possibly dirty so many dishes; polished the stainless appliances once; cleaned all three bathrooms; vacuumed just about every day

questioned my sanity on more than one occassion; argued with my oldest son about something stupid & reminded myself to let some things go

worked in some "work" but didn't really get much done with clients & decided to drop one of the three projects i work with & yet still stress over not getting enough "work" done each day

practiced numbers & counting with 'K' and his Bible verse for the week; worked with lil' Girlie on her multiplication & she achieved her reading goal for the month & explained to me that we are killing the bears by cutting down trees & i reminded her of reality instead of the progressive Earth Day agenda
i calmed my perfectionist-driven daughter that an A- in math on her mid-quarter grades was nothing to freak out about and motivated my son to get his comm arts from a B+ back to the usual A-

i kissed my Man every opportunity i got & reminded him how proud he makes me to be his wife

i asked God if i was where i was supposed to be and how i get where He wants me

i'm thinking about what God is going to do in church on Sunday, it excites me to know He will reveal the Word anew to my heart; i can't wait to teach my class of toddlers that Jesus loves them & desires their little trusting hearts plus i love craft time!

thinking about planning another Sisters Party, who to invite, worried if anyone will come, what project should we do; praying for the coughing & feverish toddler in the next room

i ended each day this week feeling as if i had done nothing! i hate that feeling! after reviewing my week in writing & reeling through my thoughts and actions i know that i did a lot... maybe it's my expectations & goals that need some tweeking

never the less, i influenced and shaped my children's hearts and minds, i held the power in my words & actions to encourage my Man & be a blessing to him...

Lord i am a blessed woman... thank you for placing me here to fufill your purpose...

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