Friday, April 2, 2010

i love my girlie

i love this lil' girlie with all that is in me...

i love to sneak up to her bedroom door to listen to her teaching her dollies and the care with which she reads each story.... practicing for her future mothering duties

i love that she comes up to me regularly and whispers "i just feel like hugging you all the time" and i would hold her for all time it i could

i love her creativity and flare for design.... everything in her world is pretty!

i adore that she still sits and makes me & daddy homemade cards, each one specially designed, every brush stroke and sticker has meaning & passion behind it

i see her desire growing to develop her skills: be it playing the piano better or being able to dribble the ball just a little longer than last time

i memorize the moments when her eyes light up because big brother asked her to hang out with him... her desire to be his best friend & confidant is tangible.... she looks up to him

i gush over the times i hear her singing to her baby brother as they lay down to sleep, their beds just 4 feet apart... my heart leaps when i see him search for her hand as we walk to the park, he knows she'll lead him safely to the swings

i am a puddle after i witness a 'moment' between daddy and girlie, when i realize how much she loves her daddy, that he is the man in her life, he is her world... he wouldn't have it any other way, she is everything he never knew he wanted and could never live without...

i crumble when i see my faults in her, we are mirror personalities... i long to protect her from her own self doubt, her perfectionism, her shyness, her anger, her laziness... i pray harder to a great God that has, is and will give me wisdom to shape her into something a million times better that i could ever hope to be

i want the world for her

i pray that she always knows she is my love, my heart, my best friend... her beauty is staggering and her soul is even more breath-taking

she is a child of God, a daughter of the Most High King... her spirit to love Jesus is amazing and i am devoted to planting her in furtile soil so she may grow may in Christ each day

what an honor to mother a daughter... to be hand she holds for support, the arms she clings to for comfort & love, the eyes that she looks to for reassurance....

i love her so deeply that my lil' girlie will never comprehend... until one day she has the privilege to usher in a girl of her own and then she will feel the rush, the love, the pride, the beauty...


  1. That is beautiful!

  2. She is one kid in a million.

    ~~the elusive Ms. S

  3. This is my first visit to your site and I am so inspired! Your post really inspires me to take more moments to recognize my own daughters' strengths and to think about how I can pray for them. Thanks :)