Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Me! Monday

are you hiding the dirty clothes in the closet because you haven't had time to do laundry? are your children writing "clean me" on the coffee table & tv because the art of dusting as escaped your to-do list? well, get over it!!! Not Me! Monday was the splendid creation of MckMama, as a way to air our imperfections, have ourselves a good belly laugh and know that we are not alone :)

what have i not done this week..... hhhhmmmm.... well,

i did not babysit for a friend of mine this week, her cutie-pie 6month girlie!!, and when cutie babe needed a quiet place to nap, i did not lay her down in our walk-in closet & shut the door to create the perfect napping oasis... nope! i am well aware that closets are totally inappropriate places for sweet little ones to nap.... (i kinda want to crawl in there and close the door right now... aaaahhh sweet sleep)

while grocery shopping on friday afternoon, in an attempt to have a quick run through the supercenter before i had to pick 'P' up from school (his birthday was friday!!! a birthday post coming later today too!!!), my youngest most perfect toddlet did not decide to have a complete meltdown multiple times throughout the store. he is the picture of obedience!! he certainly did not run the opposite direction down the aisle when i sweetly called out to him, nope, 'K' is the model child.

i also would never ever ever just pulled him along by his foot as i stood in the checkout line, NEVER!! he would not throw himself to the disgusting floor, screaming "no, no, no, i don't wanna walk!".... i also did not get judgemental looks from other shoppers to which i responded "i know! i would be ashamed too if i were acting like that!" i am aware that the fellow shopper was insinuating that i should be ashamed, but just couldn't give her the satisfaction.... if this whole thing had happened :)

i am so glad you came by today!! link up your own Not Me! at MckMama's blog so i can check out your perfect week too!!!

later today is the birthday post for Master P.... pictures and all!!


  1. Great NOT Me post. That was funny. I'd like to find a closet to nap in right now.

  2. I love this fun way of encouraging others with your imperfections. I would love to trade places with the baby and "not" have a nap in the closet. :). Thanks for stopping in at Moms Sharpening Moms.