Saturday, April 10, 2010

He knew about me...

the week leading up to Easter i spent time reading in the Gospels (per my pastor's suggestion, bless the Lord for Him!), reading about the week leading up to the Ultimate Sacrifice on my behalf. reliving those last days of Jesus' teaching in Jerusalem, asking God for a new perspective on these verses i have read many times.

i began reading in Matthew 21 and John 12 about Jesus' royal welcome into Jerusalem and the thousands of people gathered at the entrance into town, cheering the King, crying out "Hosanna in Highest heaven!"

wow!! how amazing would that have been to welcome in the Savior of the world, in person?! the Christ! our Redeemer!

even though i wasn't standing among the crowd as Jesus rode into town on the back of a donkey, He knew me...

this hit me like a ton of bricks last week and stuck with me each day as i read over the verses of the Last Supper, the arrest at Gethsemane, the interrogation in front of Caiaphas, the trial before Pilate, as i struggled through the recount of His beating, the carrying of MY cross to Golgotha, the jeers & taunting at His feet as He hung for all eternity's sins, as He spoke His last words before He died for ME... He knew about ME!

Jesus fufilled the Father's will for my disgusting & gross sin... His love for me is a great mystery and totally beyond my ability to understand!

He knew ME... He already knew my name, my hair color, when i was to be born, He knew that i would enter into this beautiful world a cute (that's what my momma says) little bundle of joy but that i was a horrible sinner that would need His sacrifice of blood & righteousness to cover my sins.

if i had to stand trial simply based on my own merits, whoa!! i don't even want to know the sentence for my punishment! i deserved a severe judgement for what i've done and for what i will mostly likely do....

but He knew me...

so because His blood redeems me, because i threw myself at His feet many years ago & confessed what a terrible sinner i was & i surrendered all i am to His will. He loves me so much, more than i could ever earn, more than i will ever know... He knew what He could do with a softened and willing heart.

i broke my heart all over again to read about all those people who had just welcomed Jesus into town that now were screaming for His crucifixtion, not that i am any different, i had cheered His praises and condemned later with my actions...

but He rose again, defeated the grave, God is ALIVE!!

He did it for me.... but He also did it for you!!

it is amazing, breath-taking, miraculous, life-changing, a gift.... it was love

thank you Jesus for thinking of me!!!

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  1. So well said, Blessed Mama! You remind me that we aren't just nameless faceless numbers to our Jesus...He knows us! That is profound and the best kind of comfort!

    Thankful for this post and you!