Tuesday, January 26, 2010

home sweet home...

so much has happened in the last week.....

my Man returned from a long business trip (5 days, but that is a long time to be away from my Love!) to find our home with new flooring throughout the kitchen, dining, mud room & laundry, and finally the downstairs bathroom... thanks is not enough to our awesome brothers (and sisters in laws for letting them help us, and to 'M' for watching the mighty 'K' and lil' girlie) who stepped up to install my beautiful tile while my Man was gone!! we had a deadline for ourselves to complete projects around our wonderful home in order to get it on the market for sale, so flooring was going in with or without my Man..

i absolutely love it!!! i don't want to leave now that all these projects are getting completed!! funny how many, ourselves included, wait until the house is to be sold to do projects & home improvements... we have vowed to not let that be the case in our new home... where ever that is to be...

but yes, our broken-in, fits us just right home is now officially on the market; i cried as i looked out the upstairs window at the sign that now resides in my front lawn. i love this home that my Man and i have created, by God' s grace....

...this home where we have celebrated many birthdays for our ever-growing kiddos

...this home that has seen as many colors as the inside of a crayon box, simply depending on my waivering mood and ideas from the pages of torn decor magazines

...this home where i watched my eldest learn to shoot a free-throw in the driveway, perfect fort building with his little sister and seen his heart grow as i hear him pray at night in the dark of his room

...this home where my baby girl had her first birthday, took her first steps, where i held her tight as she recovered from her surgery, and i watch her practice being a mommy through the cracked bedroom door

...this home is all my baby has ever known in his short two & a half years, he knows the floor plan by heart as he pads into my room in the wee hours to cuddle with mama til dawn, this is his castle, his safe haven of love & fun

...this home is where i lay with my Man at night and whisper my dreams and fears to his attentive ears and strong arms that hold me tight, here we've grown to know what real love is alongside real struggle and heartache

...this home where i perfected the painting of faux bricks on the walls and learned more than a painting technique but patience & endurance

...this home where God has met me in the middle of long nights: as i patted backs and rocked small children, or nursed a hungry baby, or worked on a pta project in the cold garage, as i lay nestled with my husband during the storms, or as i lay on the floor sick & crying out for his healing....He has held me up many days & nights as i trod the floors of this home...

the Lord is working many miracles in my life right now... no matter what anyone says i trust His leading, His ultimate calling on my life... i will not waive in my faith of how this walk has already been mapped out by Him and all this is His timing; what a blessing it is to know that God is so faithful to take care of His children.

please pray with us as we await the buyer for our home that God has been preparing, we've been diligently praying for them :) we are praying for the house that God has for us, as well, trusting in Him to bless us with another memory-making home... a home that we will flood with love and joy.... all by His grace that abounds in us.

what have you need of that we can join with you in prayer and faith? if you've never commented before simply chose the anonymous under 'comment as' and you're set... leave your name or don't, we will pray with you...


  1. Hi mama, I will join you in your prayers. It's always sad to move house but memories are strong and stay forever! Is it still snowing where you are? Take care! God bless. Nicky

  2. I to know the loss of leaving a beloved home. More than four walls that hold wood and sheetrock. A place of memories and family. God is so faithful. We sold our place by His grace and moved to our less than splendor family farmhouse. But it's also been a place of rediscovering simplicity and the new adventures unearthed together. Memories starting again. Yours will too. And like a roller coaster ride, exiciting, breathtaking and with a dash of scary, you'll climb off and the memory-making has begun. He'll take you there, delivering you from the old and into the new!