Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it's gonna be great!

so our home is completely refreshed and updated... people have come and seen the freshly painted walls, plush carpet in shades of woven baskets, and new slate tiles. hopefully they've overlooked the dust that keeps coming back to blanket my tv and shelves, it really doesn't matter how many times i wipe it just keeps returning uninvited.

and how do fingerprints magically reproduce on the fireplace doors and coffee tables? honestly?!!

and i know that i just cleaned those blasted stainless steel appliances!! please potential home buyers, just ignore my babe's sticky finger residue.... i swear that i'll clean it before you move in!!

and we have taken the tahoe filled with excited kiddos to adventure out to peek inside of homes, as well. i have been diligently praying & fasting for God to give us a sense of 'home' when we see the house that He has prepared just for us. i haven't had that yet, so our new home is still out there.

i find it amazing to know that God is working this all out, in the perfect time in order to put us in the place that He has specially chosen... no detail has escaped His notice. WOW!!

while i have had moments since we listed (it's only been 10 days but it feels like sooo much longer) of discouragement, i also have felt Jesus very close just holding my hand and leading down this road... i am so thankful for all those that have emailed, commented, called and offered their words of love and are lifting up prayers on our behalf. the Lord responds and is moved to work in our hearts and situations when we press into Him... i am truly grateful to know that others are joining us on this journey into a brand new chapter of life.

additionally, i have so many exciting happenings to share with you, to remind you that when you pray God moves... but i can't tell you just yet, sorry. but it is totally worth it to keep checking in on us and i promise that you will be encouraged and your faith will be built when you hear about the other areas God is providing in our life.

i would be ever so privileged to pray for your situation, or i would love love love to hear about a recent praise report in your life.... give God all the glory, right?!! leave a comment or email me ( )

"because He bends down to listen, i will pray as long as i have breath" Psalm 116.2 (nlt) WOW!!


  1. Your house looks great! You want to come get mine ready to list?

    Do you have tips on what to do? We do not want to put a lot of money into it at all.

    Good luck with your home hunt!

  2. Wow!!! I'm so glad you asked that... way back in the day (like 13 years ago, whew!) I worked in real estate and then this experience has taught me much, as well....

    pack, pack, pack.... i didn't have a cluttered home before but i had to de-personalize

    ya know.. this might make a good post... stay tuned and i'll finish answering your question in a post later today :)

    thanks for stopping by