Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i am the mama to a tween

hi, my name is Mama and i have a tween son. i am also known to him as:

the "breakfast fixer" for a sleepy middle-schooler who tries to inhale food in five minutes flat before the bus arrives; the "taxi driver" to for all sporting events, practices, open gyms, and ball tournaments; "laundry slave" to keep all the boy's favorite nike & reebok pants and sweatshirts clean upon request; the "coat enforcer" that will be force, if needed, make the tween boy put on his coat even though said child argues that 20 degrees is not cold enough for a coat...

the "toothbrush nazi" since i actually make the boy clean his teeth well and annoy him with reminders to scrub the retainer not just rinsing it; the "loud cheerleader" since i will never be accused of being quiet during the tween child's games and potentially heaping upon him embarassment with my wild game attire and bellowing cheers;

whatever different roles and subtitles i might have for my eldest son, more than anything he knows that i am the mama who will always be there to pick him up when he falls (because he has and will continue to fall down), i love him so deeply, from the depths of who i am and there isn't anything i wouldn't do for him, there isn't any place too far that i wouldn't go to rescue him, he can't ever make me not love him. this doesn't mean i won't allow him to make mistakes and then have to fix them on his own, but i will be there to guide him; there will be times he won't talk to me but i will never stop talking to him :) ; i will not let him date a girl until he's 18, in hopes that as a man he'll know how to truly care & love a woman by Godly standards not the world's....

my son, you are a special gift from God for me (and your daddy) and i love you... all the way to the moon and back...

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  1. Hello, I am also the mother of a tween (well 2 of them, actually)!! It is a wild ride, parenting those tweens! BUT, I ain't getting off! :)

    What a beautiful tribute to your son. How blessed he is to have YOU for his Mama!

    Also...I LOVE the name of your blog. Doesn't that perfectly describe what God does with all of us...floods us with His grace!