Friday, June 19, 2009


i've got passion yes i do!!! how about you? what are you passionate about? what is your ministry, your calling, your love? i have several main passions, numerous minor ones and many things i want to study more to either discover a hidden passion or i then move on to the next.

i'm quite certain that you're aware that my glorious Posse is a huge passion in my life! that my most Amazing Man is who i'm intensely passionate for! but of course, my first and foremost passion in life is my Savior and King of the Universe, my Comforter and bestest Friend, my Lord Jesus Christ!! i am able to get up and go, go, go each day due to the gift of life from God. He has saved my eternal soul that i may live forever with Him in the most awesome place ever, praising Him 24/7!!! some day i'm going to get to meet Moses and Noah and Joseph and David with Jesus by my side; you can't tell me that the thought of hanging out with Paul and John and James with Jesus sitting in the golden chair next to doesn't ignite passion and excitement?! whew!! i'm getting a little carried away, but for us as children of Christ this Earth, as good as it can be, is the worst thing we'll ever have to experience, this is our hell, even on its best days. if you don't know Christ as your Savior, i implore you to email me or talk with friends that know Jesus or head out to a nearby church this weekend, because Jesus has more for you than you could ever plan for yourself. without the love and saving grace, the best you will ever know will be this world, and i'll say it again and again, but the Lord has HUGE plans to love you and bless you if you're willing to accept His gift of life!!

okay, i had not intended on going all the way through that but i'm always willing to share my heart for Christ. where i was planning on going was through the other major passions i have as a wife and mama of three....

1. music, singing, playing music, writing music, listening to music!!!! i was born with a love of song and i am thankful for the gifting and ministry that i was given to sing and play and write. music is powerful and i love to share that with my Posse of babes and my Man loves it when i take the time to sing to him (which i don't do enough, sorry sweetie). i love to sing for the Lord, to teach others how to use their personal gifting; music just brings me to life and is a real expression of who i am. my lil' 'Lou-Who' just started her piano lessons with an astounding musician and good friend of mine, Ms.'R'. and Master 'P' is okay on the piano but is beginning the endeaver into guitar lessons, he has the electric guitar with amp and everything. i'm going to have to sound-proof his room soon (giggle)! and while Big 'K' is still not quite there in age for lessons, he loves music and to sing and he has rhythm!! i know that you may not believe me but he can shake it to the beat, promise!! i can't wait to share with you an entire post about music & meaning...

2. you might have guessed this one: i love to decorate and paint!!!! i am completely unafraid of color, our house is a crayon box!! i love to paint murals in my Posse's rooms and anywhere else i can get creative and crafty. i like to use items created for a one purpose and turn it all upside and look at it from a different point of view and design it for a new purpose! kind of like these iron shelf mounts i have used in the doorway to my dining room and family room...

3. cleaning... it is an obsession, i'm not denying it, i am a little OCD but i love clean.... enough said (don't judge me)

4. everything has a place and if not i will find it one! organization!!!! i have a label-maker and i'm not afraid to use! i realize this might be silly, but with the entire Posse of kiddos and my Man plus a kitty and our mammoth dog (he's a Great Dane) we would be a huge mess, and you know how i feel about that now. the one place in my home that is semi-disorganized is the breakfast bar area in the kitchen where the family calendar is plus the mail separator (from WM where i purchase many organization tools), it seems to be a dumping ground for school notes and mail not yet separated and countless other things. i like simplicity but elegance in the majority of our humble abode, so less stuff=less mess. even the Posse has shelving with buckets and labels and corkboards and many things to keep them organized. and yes, i do have them hang up their clothes in groupings of color and type of clothing (don't judge me, hee hee)

5. natural medicine... this will have to be an entire post in itself, but i will leave you will the fact that i think doctors are blessed and have much knowledge, however we don't need some random RX everytime we have a leg cramp or an eye twitch.... so more to come very soon.

6. shopping!!! this brings me much joy, it's sad, huh? but don't you love finding a deal?!! it is addictive! i love shopping for almost anything: shoes is #1, kiddo clothing, home decor (yea hobby lobby & pier 1 & i do really like targets products but i really can't stand that store, long story don't ask, smiles) mama clothing, home improvement stuff, holiday decor..... i could keep right on going, even enjoy grocery shopping when i'm not dragging the fiersome threesome along for the ride. so if you're up for post of my fav buys and where, put it in a comment and maybe you'll get your wish!!!

okay, i think that's all i'm willing to share right now. you're thinking that i'm very OCD and need professional help but i'm perfectly happy with my 'unique' quirks, it makes me who i am: a work in progress, utterly devoted wife to an awesome and loving Man, mama to the bestest Posse of Kiddos ever, child of the risen Savior, loving daughter, bossy oldest sister (hee hee but it's true), and friend to those who are willing to put up with my crazyness!!!

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