Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

oh no you didn't?!! that's right, of course you did not feed the kids cookies for breakfast on the way of the door, and you most certainly did not put two different shoes on your toddler because you couldn't find a matching pair... this fun blog carnival was the creation of MckMama as a way to share our imperfections as women, wives, mommies and how we can live to tell about it... so read on only if you dare and head over to MckMama's blog and post your own and link up your own Not Me! Monday.... but hear we go!

it was really early but i heard Big 'K's little footsteps and the sad cry "Mommy!!" as he walked past our bedroom door to the gate at the top of the stairs. so i rolled myself out of bed and did not simply put him in bed with us and snuggle him back to sleep. nope! i know the importance of teaching him to stay in his own bed....oh, but he is so snuggly when he's half asleep, he wraps his chubby little arms tightly around my neck and snores in my ear! i love it!

while lil 'Lou-Who' was at piano lessons the boys and i ran to the nearby grocery store to pick up a few items and Big 'K' had a meltdown in the checkout. and as he threw himself to the floor i most certainly did not ignore him and scoot him along the ground with my foot as to keep moving with the line. nope, i didn't do that. most other parents giggle under their breath because they've been there, and other look at you and wonder why i just let that poor cute baby lay on the floor crying... if they only knew that the way to get 'K' to stop the fit is to ignore as much as possible, not that i ignored him and pulled him through the line, ahem.....anyway....

while 'P' and 'Lou-Who' were swimming at their cousin's house on friday i did not simply crash on the couch with next to a late-afternoon-napping 'K' for a couple hours, not me! i have few moments without the POK* so why would i just veg-out on the couch watching Food Network and HGTV instead of making my menu and grocery list for the next 2 weeks. yes i do try to shop for 2 weeks at a time which in turn saves me time, because while i love to shop at Wal-Mart and my local natural foods store, i don't want to be there multiple times a week.

*Posse of Kiddos

as i painted the kitchen and dining area this past weekend i did not bribe the POK with the extra tv time and "yes get whatever snack you want just stay out of here!!" and i did not yell it at them, no i said it nicely, well the first time but after that my decibal level got higher each time. and some how when it was all send and done my mammoth puppy, Magnus, had a paint on his rear and his tail and 'K' had paint all over his right foot!! how did that happen?!

anyhow, i survived and it was a great week all the way around!! before you run off, sign up to follow me on Twitter (just click on the link on the left side bar) and then post your own Not Me! Monday over at My Charming Kids with MckMama!!

have a blessed week

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