Sunday, June 7, 2009

go natural baby!

is it June already?! wow! however, i love summer so i'm glad it is finally arrived, even if i wasn't quite ready for it! and with summer comes the farmer's market and yummy, organic fruits and veggies. what?!! you don't eat all natural, organic foods?! gasp! shock! okay, i'm not surprised, many of you wonderful folks eat whatever you want not giving a second thought to how that food was grown or what was added to it; BUT STOP!!! the more i learn about pesticides and food coloring and additives, it makes me wish i had pulled my head out of the sand sooner. (but if i had never gotten sick i never would have made these important changes, so another blessing through the trial!)

so relax and let me give you a quick check on my principles for shopping for all natural/organic foods for yourself and your family...

1. if nothing else try to buy the following produce in the organic section of your grocery store (and i am an addicted w.m. superstore shopper and they are carrying more and more organic produce each week!) because these fruits/veggies are typically treated more heavily than others with pesticides/chemicals (yuck!!): peaches, strawberries, winter squash, grapes, lettuce, spinach, apples, green beans, blueberries. feel free to head to to check out the big list.artifical colors. again for the chemical components, why do we put things we can't pronounce in our mouths?!! it's not real food if you can't read the ingredients ... many doc's a

2. i don't buy, okay i don't like to buy, foods with attribute hyperactivity and allergic reactions and rashes to artifical colors and flavoring and there are tons of natural alternatives, but many companies don't want to because artifical is cheaper. but is it cheaper if these artifical chemicals cause health problems later?! my Man and me are trying to be proactive and be a good steward of our posse of kiddos health.

3. i stopped buying 'easy to make' processed foods/meals. now i know that this isn't popular, and there are so many nights that i simply don't feel like making everything from scratch, but making meals for my amazing family that fuels their bodies and contributes to the well-being of their overall health keeps me going! and i'm not perfect, i like to say i'm a hybrid!! the Posse does eat a hamburger from a fast food restaurant every now and again, but all that fat, bad oils is enough to keep us away!
go buy a cookbook from your fav chef ('lou-who' and i love rachael ray!! and paula dean) and start experimenting with new ingredients, you get to control what goes in and it is super yummy and healthy all at the same time. or head to and there are tons of quick ideas there as well (and no they're not paying me to say that, but i wish they were!)
4. check out the local dairy and beef farms!! we switched to organic, raw milk and it tastes awesome and is sooooo much better for you and yours! and the natural beef and chicken is in my humble opinion essential to your health!! now i'm not a natropathic doctor, but i play one in real life (heehee), but why do we settle for meat and milk from animals with artifical hormones and antibiotics given to them?! yuck! we wonder why the childhood cancers are on the rise, colon cancer is more previlant than ever in adults, and girls are starting their cycles sooner in their adolesence (and that is from my ped dr) due so much to the large amount of artifical hormones & antibiotics given to milk/beef cows and chickens. i vote for natural moo-cows (per big K)!!
5. if this is all overwhelming to you, let's start here: snacking! stop buying all the chips, pop-tarts, cheese crackers and fill your little pantries with natural, healing, fueling foods. you want some examples?! i'm so glad you asked! here's what is in my cupboards right now:
flaxseed granola w/ dried blueberries, almonds (great source of protein & good omega-3 fats), walnuts, all-natural kettle popcorn for something sweet (w.m. sells this!! yea), annie's bunny crackers (just like cheezits but good stuff in 'em), all-natural fruit snacks, mandrine orange slices. and sitting on the countertop in cute candy-like jars (another good buy from my friends at WM for only $2 a jar) are homemade, completely organic chocolate chip/walnut cookies (oh my goodness they're good!), organic apples, bananas, more nuts. and in the fridge we have a snack drawer and it contains things like: organic cheese sticks, organic baby carrots, snow peas, sun-dried tomato hummus, spinach veggie dip, celery, organic/natural vanilla yogurt (more cost effective to buy in a large container instead of individual and then the Posse can add whatever they want to it like granola, nuts, honey, etc), grapes, nectarines.
i could go on but healthy snacks mean my Posse has the energy to keep playing outside, riding bikes, swimming (a big fav right now), going on walks, and simply staying in a better mood. i have seen if i put good stuff in them, it helps good attitudes to come out along with much prayer!!
and i am not spending much more on groceries than i was when i purchased more processed/less healthly food. and if the cost of some things scares you right out of your shoes, just think that you are saving yourself the healthcare costs down the road!! because it's expensive to be sick, don't ya know!!
now i know in the last post i promised a coveted hobby lobby gift card (again i didn't get paid to say that, but i'm really should look into that), but you guys aren't cooperating with me (smiles)!! you need to stalk me, i mean sign up to follow me (lower left sidebar) and then leave me a pretty comment saying you did!! and then pass this blog onto a friend who is a mama, or not we love ya all!! simple, right? you might be the blessed winner, but until more peeps sign up and stop by, i'm gonna hold off for now, ok?!
be blessed today!

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