Friday, May 29, 2009

changes are here!

change is good... say it with me, change is good! and yes the 'flooded' blog is different, huh? when i first created the site i wasn't quite sure what i liked or wanted or what in the world i was doing! ahem, excuse that little outburst... so if you have stopped by a couple times over the last day or so you've seen a couple different layouts and colors. but this is what i am very pleased with at least for today, some coloring might vary here and there, but i love my family and when i look at this most recent family picture i am overwhelmed by the grace and mercy and blessings that the Lord has so graciously poured out on me and my Man. and that's what this blog is about: being a blessing to all who read, whether i can encourage your heart and walk with Christ, give you a tip on organic cooking, a new decorating idea or make you laugh with a cute photo of the Posse of Kiddos. and secondly i want to use this space to tell of God's great and awesome works, to bring Him glory in my mothering and serving of my Man, in my ministry, as a pta mama or in my painting of many colors throughout my home!!
leave a comment, let me know what you think. and if you're having an issue leaving a comment, use the 'open' option or just quickly sign up for a google user name and it will be that much easier!!! the next post will spark a contest to win a Hobby Lobby gift card (my fav place to by decorating stuff!) and you will have to leave a comment and sign up to follow me (lower left sidebar) to be eligible to win, so get to it... smiles and good night :)

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