Friday, May 8, 2009

busy, busy, busy!

the end of school is busy at our home!! between field trips and awards assemblies and field days, PTA meetings, planning out summer camps, aaarrgggghhhh!!! my head is spinning! how in the world am i supposed to do all the things while also trying to keep my head afloat at work? thank you Lord for a career that allows flexibility but it requires all i have during the day to assist my clients and search out new ones... but again GOD is my Provider so no worries, i'm so blessed!!!!

here's a little peek into our world from the last week or so...

after consistent rains for what feels like forever, wondering if i could ever leave that blasted umbrella at home, we had some B-E-A-UTIFUL days this week here in 'Fly Over Country', so after the Posse got out of school Big'K' and i picked up the big kids, headed to Sonic for some 1/2 priced slushies and booked it over to the park. 'K' was having a big time, he desperately wanted to "wing me, ma! wing me!" but when he saw bubba and sis playing without him, that was the end of the "winging" (hee hee)....

yes his shirt reads "My parents are exhausted" and people will smile and laugh when he is sporting it, little do they know how true it is!!! i love 'K' sooooooo much, and when he is running around saying over and over and over (i could keep going) "no, mine, no, mine, NO!!", i take a deep breath and believe that God is growing me as a parent through these trying toddler years, right?!!

master 'P' and lil' lou-who decided to take a turn on the baby stuff while at the park.

um, 'P' , mama thinks you're a touch too big, my love!!! hold on 'lou-who', he'll rock you right off that thing!!

Lil' had a wild west party to celebrate the end of being a 1st grader!! wow, my little girly has grown up so fast. we had some photo op's available on ms.forrester's horsie 'flicka' with our beloved daddy standing near by to love on her, while she still let's him. while lil' lou and i have a seriously special mama and daughter bond that is stronger than steel, daddy and her have a deep love!!! thank you Lord for a Godly Man to raise these kiddos with!!

and this pic is just some cuteness provided by none other than Big 'K'. he enjoys sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen while i attempt to cook something organic/all natural but yummy (more to come in a post about my addiction to all things organic and natural). 'k' loves to put on sunglasses or daddy's hats and say "me cool baby". i told you he's cute, and he knows it!!

and i promise i'm not trying to disscriminate, i love my oldest kiddo, master 'p', but for some reason he continues to escape the moment i pull out the camera!!
being a mom is wonderful, amazing, fun, exhausting, heart-breaking, fabulous, a once in a lifetime trip that i am so excited to be on!!!

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