Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

alright, alright, alright!!!! this is the first installment of a fun idea started by MckMama herself as a way to come clean about the imperfections of being a mama without the guilt... none of us are perfect, right?! so without further delay, here are all the things i most certainly did not do over the last week:
i most definitely did not have tears in my eyes as i went to church last sunday to pick up Master 'P' from his long five days at camp. i did not hug him furiously in front of all this friends, not me, why would i do that! he had an amazing time with his friends, and his awesome uncle 'E' and aunt 'M' were leaders at camp and so it was extra special!! he said that he really felt like he grew in his relationship with the Lord, as well as his team won the overall competition! he was on the pink team, oh yes i said pink!! real tough guys for God wear pink!! hee hee
while trying to get Big 'K' moved into his new room he is co-sharing with lil' 'Lou-Who' i did not, no sir turn on Finding Nemo and set 'K' down in front of it so i could attempt to get the room painted without his little fingerprints in it!! 'K' has been residing in the sitting area of our master bedroom (thank goodness we have a very large room) for these last 23 months of his life. 'Lou-Who' is totally okay with sharing her used-to-be pink & purple striped princess room, which is now a neutral seasame seed color (it is very not like me to put a neutral color on the wall) with a theme of dots and stripes in green/blue/pink/yellow/brown. it has turned out great, and i will post pictures when the project is fully complete!! but i most certainly did not leave 'K' watching the movie for an hour, to the point where he fell asleep on the floor in our room, are u kidding me, i would not do that.....
while on a date with my Man on friday, we did not stop in the middle of the sidewalk downtown to kiss a little, or even a lot, nope not us!! and after waiting (well we walked around downtown) an hour to get into the restaurant we did not scarf down chips/salsa/cheese dip like we hadn't eaten in weeks!! we absolutely love to eat mexican, well i love me some chips and salsa from anywhere!! and after walking through some antique stores, the farmers market, and going shopping for new shelving for the 'Lou-Who' -n- 'K' room, we did not stop at andy's for frozen custard, and i did not, no way eat my entire blackberry concrete... oh so yummy!
who knows what this week will bring!!!
you can head over to MckMama's blog and post your own Not Me! Monday... go now


  1. I found your blog from MckMama's and love it!


  2. Came over from MckMama. Great post!! Oh, and what a great picture at the top of your blog! Beautiful!! :)