Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday

did you clean up your home for company this Thanksgiving but really just threw everything into the walk-in closets? was your homemade pumpkin pie something you really picked up at the store on your way to the in-laws? well, don't sweat it!! Not Me! Monday was created by Ms.MckMama so we could share our minor flaws and live to mother our babes another day!! if you want to play along you can link up your site at MckMama's blog, and this way i can visit you as well!!

so.... what did i not do this past week? so glad you asked!!

my most perfect and wonderful baby 'K' did not throw huge, loud, obnoxious fits during our family photo shoot last weekend, nope!!! i have raised an excellent babe that follows directions and smiles on command... we would never have to re-think the above picture to allow poor, whiny 'K' to be held by his mama during the pictures just to try and get a shot without massive amounts of screaming and wailing....

our Thanksgiving day was fabulous with so much food, and because i am such a wonderful steward of my leftovers i most certainly did not throw stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, some biscuits into the trash can because i couldn't fit anything else in my fridge. i planned everything really well and would never over-cook and then have too much to keep and send with others.... but it was so yummy!!! if you haven't made homemade sweet potatoe fries, then you are missing out!!

i did not wake up at 3:30am on friday morning, and i did not join hundreds of others at walmart, and toys r us, and target, and old navy and flame and flare to get the supposedly best deals of the whole year. i am such a good planner of my time i did not spend too much time in the line at walmart only to miss out on some of the items at toys r us, and if i had done that i would not still be a little irriated about it because there are only certain things that would impress a tween boy and i might have missed out on purchasing them, if i had gone out shopping with all the other crazy people.... :)

okay so that's my weekly wrap-up on all the thing i did not do..... what you been doin'?

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  1. Haha I never throw out leftovers either!! Haha!