Saturday, November 14, 2009

better late than never!

it seems like forever ago that i wrote this post about my initial thoughts for you all on treating illness and flu/colds with natural medicine. and i so graciously asked you all for your two cents on the subject and since i have the most shy blog readers in all of creation (and i still love you all and am so glad that you are walking along the paths of this life with me even though your participation skills need some work, giggles!!) i only had two comments....
thus the winner i chose is ms.vernette mullins, she is a rep for a natropathic business and had a great comment!! so vernette, send me an email ( and let me know how to get your Bonnots Mill candle to you!!!! i got you harvest spice, very yummy!!
i have lots of things to talk to you all about in the next few days, and a special Sisters Party i am hosting next weekend, so i will fill you in on the details of that tomorrow...
be blessed, remember that Jesus soooo loves you and i'll talk to you tomorrow!!

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