Sunday, November 29, 2009

calling all my Sisters!!!

i enjoy planning and organizing events, well really anything in general: i find it fun to organize my grocery lists, my photos, make sure my cupboards have all the labels showing... ahem, okay i didn't mean to reveal all of my overly compulsive habits, but all of this to say that i love planning an event!

however i am not always the most hospitable. i love the planning, the decorating, but i struggle with the hostessing... not that i'm a bad hostess but i struggle in the department of having deeper, more meaningful relationships, even with people in my own family (not my Man or kiddos but extended fam). those reading this that know me, even just on an acquintance basis, probably don't believe a lick of what i've just written. it is in me to be social and i have no fear of talking up a storm about any & all things and i am the first to want to jump in & help whoever needs it. i have to be a 'people-lover' and a chatty lady simply by the career i have chosen in marketing/sales, no one wants to be sold by a grumpy, uncommunicative advertising executive. but i digress.... allowing family, friends, acquintances and random strangers (okay not all random strangers) into my heart and to show them the love of Jesus can be difficult for me, opening up my own heart and revealing the good, the bad and all the stuff in between makes me uncomfortable and if i'm being totally honest with you, i get a little sick feeling in my stomach when i think about letting others truly know me...

i don't have skeletons waiting to climb out of my closet and divulge random, embarrassing moments or the choices made with little thought, we all have those and if you are curious about if i've ever bounced a check or told a lie, then just leave me a comment and i'll fill you in :) oh and yes i have done both in my life....

i do want to have better friendships, i want to encourage others with my words and my actions, i want to live out Titus 2 in mentoring younger women in loving their family & serving God with all they are, i want to learn from other women and be mentored by them as well! so as the Lord has laid these desires, obviously not my own, on my heart and mind i've taken the step of obedience and started with hosting a Sisters Party!!

this has been so much fun for me!! all these desires loving placed in my heart from the Lord have become my plans & goals.... cool how just following God with my actions gives Him the opportunity to change my heart... love planning the wonderful Christmas ornament craft, making the yummy cake and my sister-in-law, ms.M, and i had the best time creating the invitations for all of our most amazing Sisters!! it is exciting for me to have this chance to bring together a group of splendid women to fellowship around a cup of coffee & a cup of glitter and hot glue, and allow the each other into our lives and hearts. it doesn't happen at the first party or maybe even the second, but as our group expands and as i allow the Lord to work in His way, this will be a blessing for all of us. i will have the opportunity to let others pray for me as i let them see my emotional scars and be ever so blessed because of it, and lift them up as i share the victory of God's work in those trials that left a mark....

what i've learned as i've wrestled with God over this new ministry He's handed to me, is it is simply prideful of me to think that i can do it all on my own. while He has gifted me in many things, i need a word from a fellow Sister to pick me up or a hand planning a school event, it doesn't mean i'm less because i need someone, right?! and on the flip-side, it is totally selfish to not socialize with my Sisters, because God has given me talents & gifts & insight, just like He' probably given to you, and He just might want to use me to bless another girl if i spent some time with her!!!

we had a great time last weekend, and i'm so excited about our next Sisters Gathering in late January.... can you say cookie exchange?!! would you like to join us? yeah!!! i totally want to see you there, so if you weren't on the mailing list before, i am so sorry i overlooked you, but give me a shout at and i'll fill you in on all the details.

i love socializing with everyone in the blog world, and just looking forward to growing the Flooded By Grace crowd as well as my group of Sisters (& some Brothers out there) here in Fly Over Country!!!

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