Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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So you forgot to give the kids their vitamins for the last month, and maybe the kidlets are still in their pajamas at 3:00 in the afternoon… we all have those days, weeks and months! Not Me! Monday is the ingenius creation of super-blogger, MckMama, as an opportunity to talk about all the things we of course have not done this week.

My cute Posse of Kiddos and I had a busy week with my Man out of town for business, so I did not let them eat at a fast food restaurant 2 times, nope!!! I am totally organic and all natural all the blessed time and would never be so lazy as to purchase not real hamburgers and greasy fries from a clown in red shoes! If I had, I most certainly did not thoroughly enjoy the taste of the trans-fat grease of the fries…ahem…

Big ‘K’ started potty training this week!! Yea! But since we all know that he is the most perfect and obedient child and so willing to just hop up on the potty and pee in there, I would never use peanut butter m&ms to bribe him on and off that toilet. Never ever….and I did not have to clean up some poo off the living room floor and explain to ‘K’ that “we also put our poo in the potty”. I know that you’re giggling, I would have to if this had obviously not happened.

The big kids went back to school this week (yea!!!!! This is my ‘inside’ voice cheering) and nothing terribly momentous occurred within the first three days until Friday as I walked in to remind Masta’P’ to stop hitting the snooze button and he did not say something hateful to me as he pulled the covers over his head. He is absolutely the most perfect son and would never be so dumb inconsiderate as to get crabby with me. And if we were having a rough morning, we might have had a minor wardrobe meltdown with ‘Lou-Who’ because the “shoes not match and now it doesn’t look pretty!!!!” and not that it was followed by many tears and distress…anyway..

I totally feel better about all of this stuff, especially since I did not really experience any of these things! If you want to jump in and have some Not Me! Monday fun, that’d be great! Head over to
MckMama’s blog and link up there.

Have a blessed day.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1.9

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  1. Great Not Me post! I especially love the Scripture you shared...totally needed that today!