Wednesday, August 19, 2009

and then there was one...and mama

*NOTE TO SELF: i began this post on wednesday and got busy and a whole host of other things, but this never got published, so i didn't want to go back and change the tense of the post, just forgive my forgetfulness, thanks! your the best!!

as i sit here chopping neatly nibbling on organic strawberries, carrots and mixing in a few sourdough pretzel nibblets, my thoughts are bouncing wildly inside of my brain. i've had a lot on my mind and a lot in my schedule recently (hence the lack of witty posts! giggle), so if this comes out in a jumbled mess, i ask for your forgiveness now....thanks for understanding.

today was the first day of school here in our little city in Fly Over Country USA!! wow, i can hardly believe it is time for school again, and all the things that come with a fresh new year: crisp new clothes and spotless shoes, empty backpacks and jiggly little brains ready to soak up some knowledge, along with a joke about burping or new slang (as soon as i get up to speed on what a new word means and learn to use it effectively, my big kids have a new one for me, geez!). the morning went beautifully, if i do say so myself and i will!! i got up at 5:20am, showered, was greeted in the shower by Big 'K' to come tell me good morning, got 'K' watching a "moobie" (that's how he says movie, isn't it too cute?!!), got my makeup and hair done as i heard 'P's alarm going off at 6:00am, and by the time i got my clothes on and knocked on his door he was dressed with shoes on and everything!! praise the Lord for a morning without having to threaten nicely ask my child to get up.

okay where was i, oh yes, so the boys and i headed down stairs for some breakfast and to let the mammoth puppy out to potty. i won't bore you with what we had for breakfast but then 'Lou-Who' girlie was up, i didn't have to beat snuggle her into the land of the living, so got her dressed (we pre-approved all wardrobe choices last night to avoid the any potential for drama this morning, smart mama!!) and we had Master 'P' to school 15 minutes early and everything!!!

this was good because we still had to feed my girlie and fix her locks of pretty brown hair plus get the babe dressed and his stroller into the truck, i had pta duty this morning to greet the kiddos on this first day back and label their cute hands with how they were getting home this afternoon.

my sweet girl got to talk with and hug all her friends we hadn't seen in a few weeks and walk around school (since we were there 45 minutes early),

and my baby was unusually quiet and well-behaved in his stroller playing with his music mixer (best toy ever!!) and playing with rocks.

after all school kiddos were labeled and a few pictures snapped of my 'Lou-Who' at her desk, 'K' and i met up with some other mommies at a local pastry & coffee house for some 'Big People' time. it was fun, but then it was just the two of us, heading home without Bubba & Zissy (per 'K'). we've played with cars, and took a walk, well i pushed the tricycle and 'K' half pedaled but mostly rode along and we had to stop often to collect another precious rock, we colored, listened to some rockin' praise music, ate a yummy lunch and then nap!! thank you Jesus for naps, what a blessing they can be. we'll be off soon to pick up 'P' and swing by the redbox for the Hannah Montana movie to suprise the girlie when we go by and pick her up!!

i have much anticipation for this next school year for my kiddos, it is an opportunity for them to not only grow in what they will learn from history books but grow as a person. as moms and dads we can forget the difficulty that comes with 6th grade (the struggles do assist in turning our babes into independent & brainy big kids though); struggles such as juggling school and sports, and then how to deal with the guys and girls out on the playground, exploring and asking questions the opposite gender, and so on. and the 2nd grade is no walk in the park: beginning to do more for yourself, for the girls the ever-present recess drama (oh man!!), asking the hard questions like: "why isn't so-n-so's daddy live with at there house anymore" or "why do some kids not have enough to eat". maybe your 7 year old doesn't ask these things but 'Lou-Who' is curious and concerned about all the injustices of the world. i pray that i will be able to guide and nurture my children through these seasons of their young lives in a Godly and loving manner that will lead them to a real-life faith & reliance in Jesus and to finding that their true joy comes from the Lord.


in the midst of all the hurriedness and chaos of preparing and starting back to school, the posse and my Man were able to take some time to battle with the Light Sabers to relieve the pressure. i am fairly certain that 'K' won, he is intense when he is playing 'Hi-Ya'...hee hee, so cutie!!

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