Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

did you leave the clean laundry piled up on the bedroom floor for a week a couple days hoping it would fold itself? have to forgotten to brush your toddler's teeth for the last few nights before bed? is that take-out for the third night in a row?! no worries!!! Not Me! Monday was the wonderful creation of super-blogger and friend MckMama, as a way to air our not-so-fresh laundry and not feel like the only mom/wife who struggles... i'm ever so excited that you've stopped by to visit me, be sure to check back in tonight for a plethora of organic menu ideas and a link to some free music!!

okay, where to begin....

i have so not fallen off the face of my blog here, nope!! i have all the time in the world to keep up with all the posts i've started and i would never just stop writing and posting my musings for your reading pleasure. if i was to get so freakin' busy that i don't know which way is up or who's on first, i would take the time to explain to my faithful what has happened to me.... so maybe there is a post ready in the wings that will enlighten you to my last couple of weeks, not that i've been sidetracked!!

i did not have an amazing, fabulous hair appointment this week with my brand new hair specialist, Karen, and i definitely did not cut a ton of hair off and get it colored. if i had done that i would have consulted all family and friends to ensure they wouldn't be completely shocked after the fact. however, if i were to get an awesome new cut i might take a pic and post it for all your viewing pleasure....hhhmmmm, guess you'll have to see

while my Man and Master 'P' and lil' Lou-Who and i were volunteering with our church on saturday doing some painting at a local school, my cutie girl did not mess around and back into the wall she was painting, covering her little backside is beige paint!!! i am a totally responsible mama who has a perfect little 7 year old who knows how to paint like a pro without ruining her clothes...

i did not send my mammoth puppy into a fit of sneezing and the need to shove his snout into his bowl of water. no way!! he is the perfect 90 pound great dane puppy that would never try to dig his way under the fence, and so i would never try to discourage him by filling the holes with tons and tons of pepper... no one call p.e.t.a. because of course i'd never do that. stupid dog....

alright, i feel much better. if you'd like to post your own Not Me! Monday then stop what you're doin' and visit MckMama's blog to link up your own post. i'm dying to read it, so hurry up!!

and if you're feelin' really sassy and want to know what i'm doing at any given moment be sure to check out my Twitter updates in the right sidebar and sign up to follow me... tune back in later tonight for some good recipes/menu ideas and whatever else happens to be on my mind!!

be blessed...

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