Wednesday, January 19, 2011

stumbling blocks and direction

there are so many things i want to do and yet i become my biggest stumbling block... don't have time

...the finances are there right now

...what if you fail and everyone knows you failed

...i don't even know what the next 7 steps should be to get from "here" to "there"

...what do i really have to offer

i don't like to struggle, to be without vision and answers, whirling thoughts create a vortex of unknowns into an ache

He is doing something in me.... i desire to do great things for Him and that very desire is from Him to begin with

but which "great" thing should be the focus? where would you have me look, Lord?

so His Word falls open before me and tells me to look to only Him, serve only Him... devotion and obedience brings blessing and wisdom and protection...

i continue to commit His word to my heart. the one and only commitment i've planted myself upon for this new year.... Philippians, the whole book, commit to memory so that His unspeakable joys and love, a whole book-ful will grow and blossom within this life of mine devoted to His

it's a start. a wonderful one, excitement abounds!!

but He has more, much more. still listening and seeking so i can stay on His path, so His righteousness blankets me against the stumbling blocks...

i pray this first month of the year has you seeking and yearning for His direction, this journey of faith and following Christ into 2011 together in this small community.... Lord, let your grace flow and overwhelm me Jesus with your Joy and Love, that all be for your Glory

feel free to open up and share where the Lord is taking you this year and how i might join you in praying for direction and favor...


oh, yes! i crave and need His favor! presently and for the narrow path ahead of me... don't we all

be blessed, dear one!

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  1. Just as I am excited for what God will do and is currently doing in my life, I am also excited to see what He has for others. This year, 2011, God has spoken, "Find what is Peace to you. To each person, peace is different; how we find peace, live peace, share peace. Be strong and steady. Be the heartbeat of your family that is constant, stable, strong, dependable and steady. Steadfast and strong." I set forth a daily purpose. If it's to go to the post office, I will smile and show God's kindness to everyone I see. Same for every place I go. I want to really see the people I encounter. But most of all, I want to really SEE the people in my home. Each one of my children, I want to really see and know. I want to know and grasp my marriage, but also get who my husband is as a person and as an individual. I want to know my 'person'. And I want to know who my husband and I are as a couple and as parents.
    As Godly- purposed and driven people, we often forget to pray for what it is God wants for us and leave it to the church, our friends, our spouse, our children even parents and pastors to tell us who we are and tell us what God's purpose is. We get tired of waiting and look for our answers in others.
    This year, I look forward to growing into God. A lifelong Christian and lover of God, and this is where God has brought me; a place of ~being~ and ~peace~.
    Turning on the praise and Worship music while cleaning house, cooking or doing homework with the kids, and taking random moments to just stop and pray (sometimes cry) has restored my spirit and faith of this is where God wants me for now. Nothing last forever, it is all so tempoary, so take the time to just be and be still. Listen. Set the fleece before the Lord and wait for His answer in your direction.
    Philippians 4;4-9
    Wishing you God's Peace and Blessings~
    Ashley Daigle