Tuesday, December 7, 2010

depraved indifference

my heart is reeling today, feeling all upside down inside....

we give each month, we look to reach out and help those in our community, we obey His command to invite people into our home and hearts--hospitality for His sake....

but i feel we're still missing it...

a depraved indifference, not because we don't care but many of the places and people God is calling us to are so far away that it isn't affecting my everyday steps

as i still am piecing together Christmas gifts for our kiddos, their three gifts just as Jesus got that Christmas day long ago, i am struck by how many today across our city, state, country, world as without basic needs--without love or hope--and when we have so much, how can i contemplate even 9 boxes under our tree when Christ called us to do unto others

wonderful Ann showed me this video and i pray if you doing nothing else on your computer today to watch this, pray and be transformed for His sake

i am unsure exactly where or what He wants me to do next, but i want to do more... i will, by His grace do more, there must be more change... about you?

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