Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Me! Monday

do you feel shamed for eating five, no two, okay five oatmeals cookies for a snack while blogging before bed? is a mountain of clothes spilling out of the laundry and yet you just keep walking over it like it's not there? don't fret, my dear! Not Me! Monday was born out of the brillant mind of Mrs.MckMama as a way to air our less than perfect mom/wife moments and live to tell about it... you can link up and join the party at her blog by clicking here.....

okay, where to begin....

i did not spend last weekend completely obsessed with reading new moon because if i didn't find out what happened with bella and edward i might conbust! nope, i am a total grown-up and wouldn't allow myself to get so caught up in a silly book... ahem...

i seriously needed to get to the grocery store last week and i would never torture my children plus my niece and nephew by dragging all five of them to FOUR different stores. i am always super fun mama and would not dream of threatening telling them to just be good for a little bit longer. and no way ever was it my teenage son that i had to get on to (repeatedly) for chasing his little brother up and down (and up and down, up and down...) the aisles of the store, he is always the model child teen and would never require me to impose potential embarassment if he didn't stop chasing Big 'K' all over the place!!!

and certainly i did not find a stray kitten in my truck just this morning! as i was heading out the door at 7am to run by the store before going to lil' Girlie's school to take muffins for a teacher breakfast, i definitely did not hear any faint meowing but just dismiss it and start the truck anyway. and then after running to the store and then back home (cause i forgot something) i did not hear more manic meowing this time. and if i had heard this i didn't start searching for the tortured kitty, only to follow the cries to be coming from under my truck. i did not immediately get a horrible sick feeling in my tummy with the thought of mangled kitty in my engine.... so i did not cautiously open the hood searching for said kitty.....

and i did not find this cutie kitty stuck back in the corner of the tahoe's engine... nope...

so what say you?! what haven't you done this week :)

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be blessed y'all!!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. proverbs 3.5-6


  1. Oh, I would have been freaking out too! Glad the kitty is safe!

  2. I don't think I could have opened that truck by myself! Yikes! So glad the kitty is safe.

  3. What has girlie named her new kitty?

    <3, S

  4. Oh my!! Does the new kitty have a new home at your house?? lol