Wednesday, August 4, 2010

it's my twilight ponderings.... and a contest!!

with a new (old) home to clean & remodel, an amazing Man, three babes in my posse and never enough hours in the day to feel like i've even made a dent in my ever-mounting projects for home & kid's school, i have no right to take on some time-consuming obsession...

...but that doesn't matter because i am over-the-top hooked on a saga of books: twilight!

now don't judge me!! yes, i believe that the author wrote these books with young adults in the starring roles meant to appeal to teens and young(er) adults, well in my opinion most precisely written for women... however, after reading the first two books (twilight and new moon, just so you know) i know that this series was designed with the adult woman in mind.

okay, okay, you may not agree, but here's my thoughts:

my teenage son wants to read these books, but i am saying "no" for now because the love and passion that bella and edward express (not sexually at all, in case you were wondering) for each other is so deep and emotional, and the author did a phenomenal job of conveying the desire and engulfing love these two souls have for one another, there is no way in the world that my teenage son or daughter could even begin to process or understand that kind of love. i wonder how many adults could fathom love to strong that it consumes all of your heart, that so selfless that you couldn't imagine living without the other half of your heart...

it could have been subconscious, maybe not, but it is of course the cry of most woman's hearts to have a man that is so completely out-of-this-world obsessively in love with all of you and the author has created this guy, edward, that is so totally amazing in his protective nature and the intensity with which he loves her, bella. it is the propensity of the female heart to yearn for a man to love her with such infatuation and the early to mid-thirties woman is a prime candidate in today's society, in my humble opinion.

every girl wants those moments that makes her heart beat faster, butterflies in her stomach, to be pursued, to be protected, to be rescued, to experience passion, a love affair that is exciting....

i have stumbled with these feelings and thoughts for the last three weeks, my hunger and fascination with the storyline, you know a great book will consume your thoughts, i love that about reading... anyway, so i have this astounding marriage, not bragging and it's not without work, i can't boast about something that is all the plan and blessing and grace of God :) but even with a strong, wise, warm, sheltering and might i add insanely handsome Man, that doesn't mean that i'm not intrigued and romanced by a storyline in which the girl is shadowed by a man whose love is so overwhelming.... a woman wants to be overwhelmed, ya know? and when you're home with kiddos all day, working and juggling babes, trying to get everything checked off the to-do list, the same day in and day out routine, all the heart-pounding drama has settled into monotony....

is it wrong to say that i miss being purused? while i would never, ever, ever trade my life, this beautiful blessing.... but i love this story because it reminds me of the first time i saw my husband, i remember our first kiss, what it felt like when he took my hand for the first time, how i used to get butterflies when i saw him across the room, how much i missed him when we were apart, when i realized that i would never be able to live without him....

i think this story, the movie, lots of other stories and movies too, place false expectations and desires into the hearts and minds of girls and woman, expectations and fantasies that the majority of relationships can't ever live up to.... that's why it's a story, but i am still drawn to it for the simple fact that i can't resist an amazing love story that highlights the good and bad in people, how when we truly give ourselves to someone how much power we are giving them to edify our soul or break it....

i could keep going, i do truly love twilight.... you know you wanna love it too :)

this story, these characters are appealing to me, so very appealing.... but i don't think i'm the only thirty-something wife & mama. so i refuse to tolerate you're giggling that i'm completely ravenousness with these books, take the step pick it up the next time you're grocery shopping, seriously your can buy these books anywhere.

hhhmmm... if you haven't ever read the books then i have a contest.... now this is totally off the top of my head.... tell me (reader's digest version, please) your love story, good or bad. i'll pick my favorite and i'll send you your very own copy of the first book in the series, twilight!!!

alright, can't wait to read your stories.... let's say this contest is on until monday morning, okay?

be blessed!!

oh, by the way, i'm team edward!!


  1. team edward all the way! i had to watch new moon again last night. i cant wait to watch eclipse...again!!


  2. I think it should be a contest itself just to find someone that doesn't have the books!

    I think that I need to read the books again. I've lost count of how many times I've read them! Let me know if you want the audio version of Eclipse!! <3

  3. Came to your blog from the BlogFrog. I'm 21, and never really got into the Twilight books for some reason. After reading this, it makes me want to drive to the nearest bookstore and grab a copy! ha!

  4. well faith, your chances of winning the book are pretty good if you're willing to share a glimpse into your life's love story and since you haven't read the book, it could then be coming your way :)

    any other takers out there?!