Sunday, March 14, 2010

oh how i love my vitamins!!!

i have gotten very lazy about our vitamins and supplements as of late... you'd think i'd be as pleased as punch that i feed my family only real food, with the exception of stopping at wendy's every now and again for some chicken nuggets for the posse (which are supposedly real chicken, who knows but they taste good), i don't allow anything artifical to enter the premises and i'm big on whole grains. but either i've come up with not enough time to run by dr.d's office for refills or i forgot to stop by mama jeans; my excuses are long on why we're out of vitamin D and C, the fish oil is almost empty, the magnesium lotion has not magically reproduced inside of that cute little blue bottle and the aloe vera juice is bone dry and don't get me started on when the probiotics ran out... the only thing i haven't let disipate is the non-aluminum baking soda (this assists in keeping a balanced pH, just fyi).

but no more!!! i am tired of feeling tired and run down.... my poor system is having supplement withdraw! maybe it's just me that is crazy about keeping myself and the kids (my Man is a hopeless cause for supplements, unless he's sick then he wants me to put "something" together for him, oh well... the poor guy has gone totally all natural and organic on my request and there is very little complaining to boot!!) on vitamins and supplements, but even with our good eating habits it is just impossible to get all the good stuff into our systems and stay healthy.

i will brag (just a little) that this year we have avoided the flu (my Man & i did get the respiratory flu stuff back in november but it was very short lived for me & some sniffles last week, hello vitamin D and green tea... i'm just sayin') for the first time in forever!! baby 'K' has had a day here and there of upset tummy and he's had just one ear infection, which is crazy awesome in comparison to last year! it was winter of '08 that i began our conversion to organic eating along with our natural medicine choices and there has been no looking back... i totally believe that our lack of flu & colds is due to the healthy foods we eat and the supplements to stimulate our body's natural defenses.

you might be saying i'm silly for thinking a bunch of herbs & vitamins will keep me well & heal sickness but i will have to disagree... i have experienced amazing healing from simply headaches or colds to finding relief from severe digestive problems and a reproductive disease...

truly, it's a small price to pay for some green tea & echinacea & some lemon balm, throw in some probiotics (we do ours for about 2 weeks out of each month during flu season and a full 2 week regimin once every 90 days otherwise) along with aloe vera juice in the morning (aloe vera is a prebiotic that enhances the work of the probiotics, plus it's great for digestion, skin, internal anti-inflammatory... per my own experience and many a research done by super-smart scientists) and i throw in an extra 500mg vitamin C chewable and our vitamin D drops and the basic multi-vitamin & mineral tab. as i write this i think i might sound like a lot to remember or buy, but not so much.

i mean.... how much does it cost you to go the doctor's office? fill the prescription? time off of work? how much is your time worth? i absolutely despise feeling sick and i most certainly hate paying medical bills, so if there are measures i can take to heal my body and prevent illness, well i'm gonna do it!!

because i am asked by my family & friends quite abit about what i read to educate myself about natropathic/homeopathic cures & organic foods, here are just a couple things i've read recently:

the pH miracle: wow!! this book taught me a truck-load about my body and what i should be doing to keep it working at its optimum... and while i am not completely able to turn away from all sugar (i ate a twix today and it was scrumptious!) and i don't totally buy that all diseases can be wiped out my balancing my pH, because i have a pretty close to neutral pH and still experience some issues with my own disease, this book is an absolute wealth of information and i recommend it.

the seven pillars of health is probably a staple in many homes but is a Christian-based book about taking care of our body and living naturally.

i love to pick the brain of my natro-physician, dr.d and i love to sift through all the research done by my friend dave for his son, jaymun, and the internet is endless with info on learning to eat better!! and if you have an amazing local health food store with an awesome herb & supplement & vitamin department, then that is a great resource for you to learn something new about taking care of you & the family, naturally! (a side note: health food or supplement stores can be totally overwhelming, and there are a lot of choices so do some research on the side if you are feeling confused)

so i have my list made, i have researched a new multi-vitamin for myself and will let you know how i like it, and i will be picking up all my natural goodies this week... i can just feel my energy increasing as i write!!!

be healthy.... just try adding some fish oil to your juice in the morning or doing a round of probiotics and see how you feel... start small and work your way into taking care of your body, and if you have questions about the exact brands or whatever, just comment and let me know what you think:) and if you have any good tips on natural health, please let me hear it :)
*just so you know... i am not a natropathic doctor or expert in natural or homeopathic medicine and any claims of healing or cures that i have written about is simply based upon my own experience with a product and is not an endorsement of their company or any claims they might make... this is my family's belief and choice to care for ourselves and kids.... okay ? :) great!!

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