Wednesday, January 21, 2015

to my sister-bestie :)

to my bestest friend & sister:
happy birthday My Sarah!! you would have been 37 today, I've always enjoyed rubbing it in that you're older than me, even if it's only by a few weeks :) if you were here we would most likely be meeting at The Greasy Spoon in Monett for breakfast, a few hours of talking face-to-face and a piece of pie before we part ways (because by that time it's lunch!!), we'd hug long, get in our vehicles to drive our separate ways but not get very far before one of us would call the other to chat more on the hour drive home....
i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a bit sad this morning. i don't miss you less with each passing day or birthday but if it's possible i miss you many things i long to tell you, talk about how our kids are growing, endlessly quote Friends to each other in text throughout the day, tell you about my disappointments & struggles and hear your encouraging words and some tough love too :)
i miss picking up the phone to hear your voice & you asking me to be your "moral compass" and tell you what to do, telling me a funny Mason story or talking about our dreams & hopes for the future...

but i do NOT lose heart and dwell in my sadness of your physical presence because i carry you Sunshine in my soul, endless notes & letters & cards written from the well-spring of your heart to mine, i see you when i look at Mason's school pictures (which are all over my house, because he will forever belong to me and is just like my own child, just as my kiddos were to you!), when i talk to your Mama and hug sister are in those places and God uses those to comfort me.
so happiest of birthdays my forever sister-bestie....and i know this truth: that the very best is YET to come!!
love, me :)

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